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TOP 10 Best Action Cameras 2024

Taking a good picture or a short video is always fun but it’s often surprisingly difficult. As good as phones are nowadays, some pictures are just difficult – or impossible – to take with a handheld device.

This is what makes action cameras so awesome. Not only are today’s best action cameras capable of amazing picture and video quality, but they are also incredibly versatile in their use. They can be mounted on helmets, bikes, backpacks, and other gear, they can be placed on tripods like a normal camera, and they can still be held by hand too. Depending on what accessories you get for them, action cameras today can capture fantastic images and video in every conceivable manner.

But how exactly do action cameras accomplish all of this? Weren’t action cameras just those small things you put on your helmet with the crappy image quality? Not anymore they’re not – below we’ll go over the seven main benefits of the best action cameras today.

The 7 benefits of action cameras

The first thing to mention here is that there’s no one type of action camera. These devices come in various types, shapes, and sizes. This is slightly off-putting to newcomers in the niche as it can seem a bit too complicated and overwhelming. On the other hand – it really isn’t. The awesome diversity of action cameras means that you are virtually guaranteed to find the perfect camera for your needs with just a little bit of research. And, despite all of their variation and differences, all action cameras benefit from the following advantages:

1. No need to carry a heavy and clumsy camera anymore  

One of the signature qualities of action cameras is that they are small, compact, and easily portable. That’s what makes them action cameras after all. So, if you like traveling and shooting on the go, having to deal with a phone or a large camera can range from annoying and impractical to outright impossible.

2. Accessories galore!

On the other hand, action cameras can also come with a whole lot of additional accessories. This can offset the whole “small and compact” point but that’s why they are additional accessories and not must-have parts of the camera. This way you can decide exactly what you want to take with you and use, and customize your experience perfectly to your liking. It’s many of these accessories in combination with the small size of the action camera that make it so practical and unique.

3. Fantastic video & image quality 

Action cameras used to be associated with a low image and video quality once upon a time. That was inevitable given that their small size made it impossible for them to offer good visual quality.

All that’s no longer the case, however, as new technologies have enabled action cameras to offer a much better picture and video quality. Today, for almost all possible needs, an action camera is a perfect solution.

4. Get your preferred field of view

One thing that’s often cited as a drawback of action cameras is that they have a very wide field of view that’s not suitable for many types of video and photos. And that’s true to an extent but what many people miss is that the best action cameras today also come with settings for changing the field of view. This not only negates this “drawback” but makes action cameras even more practical and versatile.

5. Resist the elements!

Another trademark benefit of action cameras is that they are made to be resistant to almost all of the elements. Rain? Water? Wind? Falls? An action camera is built to take punishment and move on as if nothing has happened. This is not only perfect for fans of extreme sports but it’s also fantastic for regular folks who just want something for their hike that won’t break on accident.

6. Get a camera for years to come

The best action cameras are not just durable to knocks and water, they are also meant to last for years. This is one of those niches where good and reputable manufacturers don’t really make their products to start malfunctioning right after their warranty is over. Instead, the best action cameras can easily last years and even decades.

Granted, that longevity feels weird in a niche that’s constantly developing and new technologies are coming up non-stop, improving the quality of the product. But, then again, action cameras today are so good that you can easily see yourself using them in 10+ years and still being happy with the quality they offer – there’s just so much improvement one can expect from a niche that’s already near its technological peak.

7. Hands-free shooting is awesome!

Finally, there’s the main benefit for which action cameras were developed in the first place – being able to shoot anywhere and in any way, even without your hands and/or while performing phenomenal physical feats.

And, hey, we like smartphone selfie sticks as much as everyone else but that’s just no substitute for the versatility offered by an action camera. Want to shoot in front of you while riding a bike? Want to take photos while jumping off a parachute? Or, maybe, you just want to take pictures of your hike while holding your baby in your arms? Action cameras make all this and more possible.

In conclusion

Simply put, action cameras are no longer the low-quality helmet-attached toys they were years ago. Today, action cameras represent some of the best video and picture equipment on the market and they are capable of capturing the best and most expansive sights with ease. They do that while still coming with all their extra gadgets and versatility too, making them a great pick not just for shooting but for traveling, hiking, and sports too.