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TOP 10 Best Android Tv Boxes 2024

There are many different ways to watch TV these days and choosing between them can be difficult. Smart TVs are quite expensive which is unfortunate if you want to enjoy the benefits of their Smart software and features.

Android TV boxes offer an excellent alternative to Smart TVs in that they offer the exact same features at a fraction of the price and with a lot of additional benefits.

If you’re not 100% clear about what an Android TV box is or you’re not sure it’s the right fit for you, we’ll go over the main points below. By the end of this article, you ought to be pretty sure just what these wonderful tools do and why they are perfect for your home.

The 7 benefits of Android TV boxes

TV boxes come in various types and models, each with its minor pros and cons compared to other products. All Android TV boxes share the same basic set of advantages, however – here’s what you can expect to get with one of those devices.

Benefit from the fastest possible speed

Using good Smart TVs and TV boxes is pretty fun but one drawback most devices have is the annoyingly slow software. Even with slower speeds, it’s still nice to have access to the Smart technology but when you’re used to your lightning-fast computer, laptop, and/or phone, struggling with a slow TV is just a chore.

This is definitely one of the main areas where Android TV boxes shie above their competition. The speeds on these devices are unrivaled and may even make you scoff at your phone the next time you use it.

Get the high quality you want for a seamless viewing experience

The visual qualities of a TV are always key and this is another point of Android TV boxes’ favor. All the best Android TV box models offer top-notch visual qualities with no buffering breaks, software bugs and glitches, or other such issues.

Easily manage the updates and content of the box’s app

Getting new updates is incredibly annoying on a Smart TV as it is on most other computer devices. That’s not really a problem with Android TV boxes, however. Here, you get a dedicated app that makes it very easy to manage the timing and content of your device’s updates. You can be as selective as you want with them and you can schedule them for whenever is most convenient to you. What’s more, all updates are incredibly swift and are over before you know it.

Save money compared to other monthly subscriptions

Android TV boxes are significantly more affordable when you compare them both to monthly cable TV subscriptions (over time) as well as getting a whole new Smart TV. When you add all the extra features an Android TV box offers that aren’t present with cable or satellite TV, Android TV boxes literally offer more for less.

Android TV boxes are much more portable than a Smart TV

A huge benefit most people don’t give Android TV boxes credit for is just how easy it is to move them from one TV to the other. Many customers just install their Android TV box to their living room TV and leave it there but these devices can easily be moved from one TV to another.

What would be the purpose of this? The awesome benefit here is that with just a single Android TV box you can turn all TVs in your home into Smart TVs. Not at the same time, sure, but you can guarantee that everytime you want to enjoy Smart TV in your dining room or your bedroom rather than just your living room – you can!

This is especially convenient if you’ve started watching something on your Android TV box in the living room but then want to move to another room – instead of stopping (or having to move the whole TV set which is obviously ridiculous) you can just unplug the Android TV box, and plug it in the standard TV in the other room, turning it into a Smart TV too.

Get streaming and internet on a standard TV set

Just like Smart TVs, the best Android TV boxes give you an easy and convenient access to the internet and all streaming platforms you’d want to subscribe to. You can essentially treat your Android TV box as a computer – you can install all sorts of software on it, even things you wouldn’t normally do on a TV. You can even install additional controllers such as a mouse and keyboard to some of the best Android TV boxes.

Delve into gaming

Going off from the previous point, another obvious benefit is that you can use your TV for gaming with Android TV boxes. Just install whichever game you want to play, plug in your mouse & keyboard or other controllers, and enjoy your favorite game on an extra large flat screen with a perfect video resolution. Obviously, you’ll have to make sure that your game can run on the device but the best Android TV boxes today are incredibly powerful and can surprise you with the amount of software and games they can work with.

In conclusion

The best Android TV boxes offer so many advantages over other competing products and Smart TVs that the switch to them can feels obvious. Fast, with excellent visual quality, incredibly versatile and portable, and with great value-for-money price tag and features, Android TV boxes are an excellent tool for any home.

There are various Android TV box models too so it’s important to figure out which one is right for you and your needs. Once you find the right fit, however, your leisure time and nightly entertainment can drastically change for the better.