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TOP 10 Best Bread Makers 2023

Hot, soft, and fresh bread is something incredibly delicious but when’s the last time you tasted something like that? Nowadays we’re used to eating old, cold, and stale bread from the supermarket. Pretty much the only way to get something hot and delicious is to go to a high-end pastry early in the morning and pay a whole hourly wage for a bagel.

All this can change if you get a bread maker for your home, however. The best bread makers are capable of making incredibly delicious bread very easily and quickly, and can fully revolutionize your every meal.

Are they worth it, however, and are you really going to use your bread maker often enough to make it worth it? Let’s go over all the benefits of these unique devices below to see just how much of a bargain the best bread makers are. 

The 11 benefits of bread makers 

Bread makers have so many benefits that listing all of them can fill a whole book. If we are to just touch the surface, however, here are just 11 of the many benefits bread makers can bring to your kitchen.  

1. Homemade bread is delicious!

We often view fully automated cooking devices are something that produces inferior food. That’s not the case with the best bread maker models, however – these devices are capable of creating truly spectacular bread that tastes and smells as good as anything you’ll find in even the most expensive and exclusive French bakeries.  

2. You can eat hot & fresh bread whenever you want 

Sick of buying weeks-old bread from the supermarket? If you get a good bread maker for your home, however, you can make sure to enjoy freshly baked bread every day. Just load and turn on the bread maker at the right time and you’re hot and steaming bread will be waiting for you to eat it at exactly the right time. 

3. Bread makers are much faster than ovens 

Making bread by hand and with an oven takes hours. Depending on the type of bread you want to make it can often take literal days! That’s not the case with a good bread maker, however.  There are many different types of bread you can make and different types of dough, so the precise time frame can differ. However, It’s always at least several times faster than it is to bake bread in an oven. So, all you need to do is plan a little bit ahead, put the dough in at the right time, and you can have fresh bread ready just in time for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

4. Eat food with zero chemicals and  preservatives 

Most commercially sold bread is chock-full of preservatives and other chemicals just like most other foods. Bread makers don’t need to use anything like that, however – the bread coming out of them is always 100% natural and free of preservatives. 

5. Making bread is easy with the right tool 

Probably the biggest advantage of bread makers is that they really don’t require any effort on our part – all we need to do is put the ingredients in, set the program/recipe we want, and the bread maker will do everything else. This is another way in which bread makers are much faster than oven-baking – not only does the whole process take less time but it also saves the need for manual labor. 

6. Don’t worry about having to knead the bread   

Speaking of manual labor, kneading is probably the most frustrating part of baking bread. And even that’s something that bread makers do themselves! With a good device, you literally don’t need to get your hands dirty.  

7. Customize the bread your family eats 

An awesome recent innovation in most bread makers is that they are able to make more and more different recipes. If you get one of the best bread makers you won’t be relegated to eating the same type of bread over and over again – instead, you can eat whatever type of bread you think of. White bread? Oatmeal bread? Italian herb bread, potato bread, or chocolate chip bread? Why not! 

8. You can make all kinds of other dough products too 

The best bread makers don’t focus on bread only either – they are capable of making all types of dough products such as cakes, pizza dough, banana bread, and more.  

9. Homemade bread is much more affordable

Bread makers can cost a bit depending on the exact model you want but part of their beauty is that they get you your money back extremely quickly.  If you were already buying commercial bread anyway, a bread maker will give you your money’s worth and more because homemade bread is much more affordable than anything you can get from the store or from a bakery.  

10. Forget about the mess 

If you’ve ever tried to knead and oven-bake your own bread you know just how messy the whole ordeal can be. That’s not the case with bread makers, however. With these devices, there’s no mess outside of them at all and all you need to do is quickly clean the inside of the bread maker after you get the bread out. 

11. Get your kids excited about cooking 

Making your own bread is almost magical – your whole home will be full of the light aroma of baking bread, and the look, smell, and feel of a just-baked bread are truly phenomenal. 

In conclusion 

As you can see, bread makers are not just something fun you’d use once and then leave to rust at the corner of the kitchen. Instead, these fantastic devices can completely revolutionize your cooking and your family’s eating habits. They can be used for a variety of foods and virtually everything they make is exceptionally high and – if you use the right ingredients – healthy too!