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TOP 10 Best Dental Irrigators 2023

Maintaining a good oral hygiene is as important as it is time-consuming and annoying. We get used to brushing early on but many people still can’t get into flossing – it just takes too long, it’s tricky to do, and often makes our gums bleed. And, yet, sticking to brushing alone leads to gum disease, gingivitis, and lots of other oral health issues.

Dental irrigators are crucial for getting your oral health to where it needs to be. Great at removing plaque, food particles, and bacteria from the small spaces inbetween our teeth, oral irrigators are both a great follow-up to flossing and an alternative to it. 

So, if you’re not really clear on what these devices do and what are the benefits of using them, let’s go over them point by point below. 

The 8 benefits of dental irrigators 

Dental irrigators work by shooting a high-pressure water jet at your teeth with just the right amount of power to dislodge any pieces of leftover food and bacteria without harming your teeth or gums. In essence, dental irrigators are meant to do the same thing as flossing – complement brushing by getting rid of the debris that’s hidden in hard-to-reach places and that brushing alone can’t deal with. 

But what exactly makes oral irrigators special? 

1. Skip the dreaded flossing or follow it up 

Flossing is extremely important for proper dental health but it also takes forever to do and often bloodies our gums. Not to mention that there are environmental concerns given that every pack of dental floss has to come in a separate plastic container. 

Dental irrigators circumvent all these issues by just using water. They don’t harm our gums and use just alittle bit of electricity to do their job. What’s more, they are even better in conjunction with flossing. As the latter often leaves debris in our mouth that still has to be flushed, the dental irrigators are great at pick them off and cleaning your mouth to perfection.  

2. No more gum bleeding

If you get used to flossing you’ll eventually limit the gum bleeding to a minimum. Then again, why bother when a good oral irrigator just removes bloodied gums as a problem? Perfect for people with sensitive gums or for those who still haven’t completely gotten the hang of flossing, dental irrigators are a perfectly safe way to fix your dental hygiene. 

3. Help remove all the plaque brushing leaves in 

Brushing is and likely always will be the main tool we have for maintaining a good oral hygiene. Even with the phenomenal assortment of manual and electric toothbrushes we have today, however, brushing alone simply isn’t enough to protect our teeth and gums. That’s why adding additional tools such as flossing or dental irrigators to our dental maintenance routine is so important – they can get the leftover food particles and bacteria that brushing inevitably leaves in the tight spaces between our teeth.  

4. Dramatically improve your breath 

Bad breath can be caused by many problems but one of the most common ones is insufficient dental hygiene. All the brushing in the world is often not enough to fix bad breath because of all the excess plaque and bacteria that can accumulate in some spaces in our mouths. Dental irrigators solve this problem and guarantee fresh breath. 

5. Get rid of the excess bacteria that causes gum disease 

When we try to judge the effect of our brushing we often just look at how our teeth look. Are they relatively white? Yea, then I must have brushed them well. But oral bacteria isn’t something you can just see in the bathroom mirror. Very often, even when we think we’ve done everything we need for our dental hygiene, our mouths are still full of bacteria that work to ruin our dental health and lead to gum disease and other health problems.  

6. Help keep gingivitis under control 

Gingivitis is a huge issue for millions of people and is getting worse and worse with diabetes becoming even more prominent. The two are connected through our glucose levels but, more importantly, they necessitate proper oral hygiene more than ever. This is where dental irrigators come in as they can ensure that our teeth stay as healthy as possible which both prevents and manages gingivitis. 

7. It’s faster than flossing

If you’re looking for an alternative to flossing, another benefit of dental irrigators in addition to the lack of gum bleeding is that they are just faster and easier to use. We have (typically) 32 teeth in our mouths and having to manually floss between every pair can take forever, especially when you’re in a hurry in the morning or you’re falling asleep in the evening. 

Dental irrigators circumvent both these problems as they are both quick for when you’re in a hurry and they are easy to use when you’re sleepy. 

8. Dental irrigators are especially important if you have dental implants 

Dental implants are getting increasingly common. And while they are much better than just lacking teeth, they present an additional problem – they are difficult to clean. Even flossing can’t deal with some dental implants properly. However, for a good dental irrigator, no implant is difficult to clean.  

In conclusion 

Dental hygiene can be annoying. But one thing that’s even more frustrating is a surprise visit to the dentist. So, brushing and flossing have become the norm for maintaining a healthy smile. Dental irrigators offer an interesting, effective, and – in many ways – even better alternative to flossing, however, and are gaining popularity year after year. Safe for your gums, easy to use, and great at removing stuck pieces of food and leftover bacteria, oral irrigators work great both after flossing and instead of it.