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TOP 10 Best Epilators 2024

Epilators are one of the many tools used to remove unwanted body hair. They’re gaining popularity pretty fast owing to their convenience and simplicity of usage. Due to being so popular, the market is currently flooded with all kinds of epilators and it can be confusing to figure out which ones to go for. To make things easier, read our article below for product options and to know why getting an epilator is something you should think about.

So take this, your friends make an impromptu decision to go out one night. They’re planning a whole fun night out, going to the mall, getting fancy dinner, and whatnot. And you’re super excited to go and finally wear your new dress but then you realize! Your body hair situation isn’t looking too good.

It’s too late to make an appointment with your salon to get waxed and you simply can’t imagine doing it on your own at this point. So what do you do? Do you cancel on a night full of fun or do you go looking like you do?

While the latter might not be as bad as you think, but do you know what can be your savior in these testing times? An epilator!. An epilator is a tool that works like a razor, except it pulls hair from the root. For a more long-lasting effect.

5 Reasons Epilators are a Must Have!

If you haven’t already, now might be a good time to invest in an epilator. It does take a while to figure out a way of using it that works best for you. But once you get a hang of it, you’ll be grateful for having one.

Smoother Legs for a Longer Time!

I know using a razor is easier and much more convenient. But the fact that you can barely go 2 days without having to use it again, makes it kind of redundant. Who has the time to shave their legs every other day?! It’s just not something I have the temperament for! Do you?

Epilators, on the contrary, work to pluck out the hair from the root. Instead of just shaving off the subtle on the skin as a razor does., it removes the hair from the roots!

Since you’re dealing with the root of the problem ( pun intended) the problem stays away for longer. Some people can go up to 2 weeks without having to use it again. Some people don’t have significant hair growth for up to a month even.

So while it might take a bit of an effort, you only have to do it twice a month to get by.

You Don’t Have to Wait for Hair to Grow Out!

While a lot of people love waxing, one of the major drawbacks is you need to wait for your body hair to grow out a fair amount before you can wax them. Since the wax only works when your hair is a certain length.

Waxing while your hair is too short, causes inflammation, bumpy skin, and even weird bruises that do not look pretty!

On the other hand, an epilator can be used on hair as short as a millimeter, or even less. So you can always use it whenever you want a smooth skin, without having to wait for it.

New Hair Isn’t as Thick!

One of the many reasons people prefer tweezing or waxing to shaving is the fact that the new hair that grows out, isn’t as thick as the ones you removed.

Since waxing or tweezing plucks hair from the follicle, it causes certain damage to the hair follicle in the process. This leads to finer hair growth from that area of the body.

An epilator is basically a super-powered version of tweezing, so it works the same way. It’s a follicle-damaging process too, and new hair growth is lesser and lighter.

While this may vary depending on your personal hair type or hair growth, it’s a common observation.

It’s Way More Convenient!

Think about it, when it comes to epilating- you simply need to use a machine, turn it on, use it and you’re done!

This is way more convenient compared to other methods of hair removal like waxing or hair-removing creams. Those are messy and straight-up inconvenient in my opinion.

With waxing, you need it at a certain temperature, you need to make sure you don’t drop it anywhere since cleaning up is a mess.

And those creams? Ekh! The smell alone makes me want to never ever buy one again.

Just get an epilator instead and make your life easier.

It’s a One-time Investment!

The best thing about investing in an epilator is that it’s a one-time expense and then you’re good for a while. With waxing or even shaving, you need to replenish your supply of body wax or razors every other month depending on how often you use it.

So the cumulative amount of dirhams you spend on wax or razors probably adds up to more than what you would spend on an epilator. So it’s good for you and your wallet!


While having body hair is completely normal and nothing to judge yourself (or anyone else). Everyone wants to look their best when going out. So there is nothing wrong with wanting to get rid of unwanted body hair either.

There are so many methods to remove body hair, but not all of them are equally convenient or sustainable. An epilator though might be an exception to that. It’s a one-time investment that’s easy and mess-free to use.

It gives you days of silky smooth skin, without revisiting it again for a while. And the best part? You can do it as often as you like! So if you’ve been waiting for a sign to finally try an epilator on yourself, this is it! Go get one now!