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TOP 10 Best Frying Pans 2023

There are many ways to cook food these days but sometimes it just feels like none of what we do adds any real spice to our food. We get tired of eating the same meal over and over again but trying a new method of cooking or even just a new recipe seems excruciatingly complex and time-consuming.

That’s what makes most modern frying pans so awesome. A perfect marriage of old traditional cookware with new and improved features, the best frying pans on the market can offer many households a new way to cook food that delicious, easy, and both revolutionary and familiar at the same time.

What makes the best contemporary frying pans so special? What are their benefits to other methods of cooking and even to older and outdated frying pans? We’ll go over all their advantages below.

The 7 benefits of frying pans

Frying pans today come in lots of shapes and sizes. So, there are some features and benefits that apply to some types and models that don’t really fit others. That’s ok, however, as here we’ll be talking about frying pans in general and the opportunities they bring to your kitchen. If you want to focus on a specific benefit or feature you can buy a frying pan that specializes in that one thing. Alternatively, many of the best frying pans today come in sets of two, three, or more pans in one.

1. Cooking in a frying pan is exceptionally fast

All pans are different but there’s one thing they are all great at – speed. Whatever you want to cook and whichever frying pan you have to use, as long as it is of good quality, the speed you’ll get will be tremendous. All pans, irrespective of their model’s specification, are wide and shallow, meaning that the food is always spread as evenly as possible. This extra contact with the hot surface of the cookware means that the heat is distributed as well as possible and the food gets ready incredibly quickly.

2. Frying pans help the food retain its original flavor

An additional benefit of frying pans’ cooking speed is not just the time you save but the flavor retention as well. This is a very unique characteristic of frying pans as most other cookware and cooking methods force the food to lose too much of its flavor over the prolonged cooking time. Frying pans, on the other hand, get the job done so quickly, that by the time your food hits your plate, most of its aroma and taste are still well-preserved in it.

3. Food cooked in a frying pan tastes crisp and fresh

Frying pans of all types and variations are all great at delivering a crispy and fresh taste. That’s partly because of the above point of preserving the food’s original flavor and partly because of the way they fry or “brown” the surface of most foods. That way, with the right pan and cooking technique, you get good that’s both crunchy on the outside and still soft, fresh, and flavor-rich on the inside. This is a truly unique combination that no other cookware has been fully able to replicate to this day.

4. Non-stick frying pans need less fat 

Most people today associate frying pans with gallons of oil and fat. And that’s understandable, a lot of frying pans, especially in the past, required loads of fat to be able to do their job. Without it, most foods just burned out and got stuck to the pan, making both the food inedible and the pan unusable.

Nowadays, however, if you don’t want to cook with too much (or any) oil and fat, there are frying pans with no-stick surfaces that can cook with zero fat. Food made this way still has many of the awesome qualities of fried food – speed, flavor retention, and crunchy surface – but they are also healthy.

Of course, if you do want to cook with fat, there’s nothing stopping you from doing that either!

5. Good pans are easy to clean

Whether you used a lot of oil or a non-stick pan with no fat, cleaning a pan is very easy. All you need is a bit of soap and warm water and – as long as the pan is of high enough quality – everything can be washed away in seconds. And, if you’ve been using a good non-stick frying pan, you often don’t need to wash it either – a bit of paper towel can be enough to just wipe it clean with a couple of quick motions!

6. Frying pans are a very affordable cookware

A huge detriment for trying new cookware a lot of people face is affordability. And that’s understandable, a lot of the more contemporary and unique cookware products are frighteningly expensive.

Frying pans, however, are very affordable. Some can cost a bit more depending on their exact model, quality, and features, but even a very expensive frying pan is more affordable than most other cookware tools.

7. Good pans are made to last 

The best frying pans are also very long-lasting. This is another factor that plays in their affordability – when you get a high-quality frying pan you are often set for years and decades in the future. This is great both for your budget and for convenience’s sake.

In conclusion

Like all other kitchen appliances and cookware, today’s frying pans come in lots of shapes, types, and sizes. Many contemporary models use new technologies to ensure faster and better cooking while bringing some new features to the table. Some prioritize healthier cooking by helping you get by with less grease while others lean into the fat to deliver the delicious flavor frying pans have been known for millennia.

Whichever type you go for, however, there’s no denying that frying pans are an incredible type of cookware that every kitchen needs even to this day.