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TOP 10 Best Gaming Chairs 2024

Getting a new chair is often a weird decision to make. We know that good posture is important but does it really have to be today? What’s the worst that could happen if I use my standard office chair for another month or two? Well, there are a lot of things that may or may not happen but the worst certainly involves a lot of pain and doctor visits.

Getting a good gaming chair doesn’t have to be a fear-based decision, however. They are called “gaming chairs” after all, not “medical chairs.” And that’s because, in addition to helping us maintain the best possible posture, they are also ridiculously comfortable – they are made to be used for hours at a time without causing any discomfort, pain, and unhealthy effects.

The 7 benefits of gaming chairs

The comfort and health of gaming chairs are their two biggest advantages. The name “gaming chair” can be a bit confusing, and a lot of people avoid them because of that, but they really are suitable for anyone spending more than an hour or two on a desk per day. Granted, a lot of them are a bit too colorful for some people’s taste but there’s enough design variation to allow you to pick a chair that’s both comfortable and has the style you’re looking for.

Forget about the pain!

Pain used to be a big part of my daily routine for years. My neck, shoulders, lower back, knees, and even my hips used to hurt while I was working, gaming, writing, and just browsing on my PC. I thought it was just my age at first but it all turned out to be the chair.

And my old office chair wasn’t necessarily bad either – it wasn’t broken or crooked, it had elbow rests and even a headrest. But it just didn’t support my neck, lower back, or even my wrists right and the end result was pain. With my new gaming chair, however, all those problems flew out of the window!

Your chair can keep your posture for you

I used to think that I was maintaining a good posture on my old chair. Back straight, knees at 90o degrees… It turned out that it just wasn’t good enough, however. A great gaming chair, on the other hand, helps maintain your posture for you! All you need to do is pick the right model for your height, body type, and personal preferences, and the chair should be designed to help you keep the perfect posture.

Be comfy as you slay all those orcs (or write those emails)!

Whether you’re gaming or working, comfort is important. Even if we ignore the pain and health part of it all, it just sucks to be uncomfortable all the time. And, if you’re thinking of getting new chairs for your office, remember that comfortable employees are productive employees. After all, it’s hard to work effectively when you have to shuffle in your chair every 15 seconds of the day.

Maintain your long-term health

Pain and comfort are important but a good gaming chair can be detrimental for your long-term health too. Spine issues are one of the worst types of health problems a person can have and a good chair goes a long way of preventing them. Granted, proper exercise is still needed, but that combined with a good chair can solve most of your current and future health issues with ease.

Forget about changing your chair every other year

Another big problem with mediocre office chairs is that you have to fix or replace them all the time! Like so many other things in our lives, they just aren’t built to last – they are usually intended to break in a year or two so that we’re forced to get a new one.

Good gaming chairs are not like that, however. They are intended as high-quality items that can withstand a lot of use and remain in perfect condition. So, whether you want to use them for 12 hours or just for a couple of hours per day, a good gaming chair can last years and potentially decades without a problem.

Many movable parts

A standard office chair can usually just swivel and might have a flexible backrest. A good gaming chair, on the other hand, can even be used as a bed! The backrest, headrest, lumbar support, armrests, and the leg rest can often be switched in any possible position, depending on what you want to do.

Lots of additional small perks

Depending on what model you get, the best gaming chairs usually come with lots of additional small features too – cup holders, easily flexible and movable components, legrest, and much more. Some even have lap tables if you want to lie down with a laptop!

In conclusion

Gaming chairs are usually a major purchase which makes them a tough decision to make sometimes. But when you go over the list of their many major benefits, it becomes clear why they are worth it.

After all, why get a new crappy office chair every two years and be uncomfortable and in pain the whole time, when you can get one great gaming chair and used it for over a decade whilst being as comfortable as a baby in a crib? And don’t let the “gaming” tag full you – these chairs offer the best possible way to work from a desk too!