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TOP 10 Best Gaming Headsets 2024

The ultimate gaming experience is never completed without the best gaming headsets. The modern-era games come equipped with accurate imaging with an expansive soundstage to assess and provide you with the edge to be more responsive.

It incredibly enhances your gaming performance, and of course, you enjoy playing even more. But there are many different types of gaming headsets available on the market.

Choosing the best one can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. Therefore, we have developed this brief buying guide to help you in this regard.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

You need to consider various features before deciding which one you will use for your ultimate gaming experience.

Here are some factors you must keep in mind when looking for the best gaming headset.


First of all, you need to decide what platform you use to play your games. Do you mostly play your games on PC or Mac, or you go for PS4 or Xbox One?

Some premium quality gaming headsets work across all platforms, but they are quite expensive. If you use multiple platforms to play games, you will find these headsets to be more useful of them all.

Connection Type

You also have to consider the connection type of your headset. If you don’t consider this factor, you might waste your money on a fancy pair of headsets that are useless.

There are several connection types you can go for. The standard 3.5mm jack is readily available. A dual 3.5mm jack is there too, and so are the wired/wireless USB and Bluetooth.

PS4 players might not have to go through any connection-type issues, but PC players will have to dig deep. This is because you also have to install a few drivers to get the headsets working.

Getting the right connection type for your Xbox is a bit tricky too. You have to go for a wireless pair if your console supports it. Newer Xbox models come with 3.5mm jack compatibility.

In a nutshell, wireless USB models work with PC and PS4 and, in some cases, with Xbox One. Bluetooth headsets are for PC, PS Vita, and PS4.


Most people tend to play games in their free time while others play it all the time and now professional making has become a thing. Based on how long you will keep them on your head is another factor to consider.

Best quality headsets are lightweight and durable materials and enable you to focus on your game entirely. If they are not of quality, they will cause headaches and even neck pain.

If you wear glasses, you should keep that in mind; some manufacturers specifically make glasses-friendly headsets and don’t put too much pressure on your frame.

The headband and the earcups need to come with proper cushioning, and of course, they must look stylish as well. Cheap quality models are not going to look that great at all.


What most people tend to ignore is what is the total weight of a headset. You need to keep in mind that with more cushioning, your headset will weigh a lot. So, you need to balance it out here.

Make sure you try the headsets on and get the feel. If they feel right, go for them if they are too heavy due to cushioning for any other reason; keep looking for more options.


The mic is also equally important, mostly if you frequently play those multiplayer games. You have to communicate with others and exchange instructions during your gameplay.

If you can’t expect too much on your headset, make sure your buying headset comes with a good quality microphone.

You can also go for a headset that comes with a detachable mic if you intend to use it to watch movies or listen to music. And make sure to go for the unidirectional mic because it will pick the sound coming from your mouth as it is right in front of it.

Omnidirectional mics are available in these headsets, but they pick all the sounds from every direction and are not very productive for gameplay.

You can go for an inbuilt mic that will be more comfortable or have space on your desk; go for a separate microphone. A separate mic will improve our voice even further and will ensure clarity.

Wired or wireless

Wired headsets are better when it comes to sound output. They can pick up even the slightest of sound with exceptional quality. But handling those wires can be tricky too.

Wireless headsets have significantly improved in terms of their audio output over the years. But you still deal with obstruction in the signal here. It’s mostly about the inconvenience of handling those wires.

Additional features

There are some extra features that you must consider as well for better sound quality. For instance, there is active noise cancellation. If you want to get rid of any background sound, this feature comes in handy.

For a better hearing experience, you can also choose between open or closed headsets if you want based on whether you want others to hear your game and you want to hear from them or not. For exceptional sound quality, you should go for Dolby headsets because they are quite nifty.


There you have it. You should consider various features when buying a good-quality gaming headset. Focus on how you are going to use your headset. When you keep your needs and requirements in mind, you will make a better decision and get the most out of the money you have spent.