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TOP 10 Best Gaming Monitors 2023

Believe it or not but the right type of device can take your gaming to a whole new level. This is especially true when it comes to gaming monitors. Their superior image quality, lustrous design and an overall better gaming experience makes them well suited for those long hours, or even short bursts of gaming sessions!

Our article explores why you need the best gaming monitor if you want to truly enjoy gaming! Let’s go!

Imagine saving up to buy a single PC game and being super excited to finally play it. Except… When you set it up, the graphics and the quality is not at all what you imagined it to be. It’s lagging and the image contrast is awful and you’re sitting there thinking what went wrong!

You take the game to the store and they tell you, alas, it’s a fault in your PC monitor. And they tell you, if you really need the full experience, get a gaming monitor instead.

There are so many tools and gadgets you could add to your gaming setup to take it to the next level. Not only do these new tools look great, but they also significantly upgrade your gaming time to a more immersive, life-like experience.

And let’s be honest, if you’re spending up to 50 Dirhams on a single game, you deserve the whole experience of what it’s like to play it with the right equipment. And to get that, you need to get a gaming monitor into your setup stat.

Now you might be thinking, do the benefits justify the 600-900 Dirhams price tag? Well, yes! And I’ll tell you why!

7 Reasons Why Gaming Monitors are the Best!

When it comes to optimizing your gaming experience as well as your gaming performance, the right equipment is super important. While you might do without the fancy keyboards and mouse, having a gaming monitor really changes the entire game (no pun intended).

Life-like picture resolution

If you have to pay 30 Dirhams to play a game that looks just like Mario-kart, what’s the point am I right? Instead, invest in a gaming monitor with an amazing display resolution so you get your money’s worth.

Another benefit of higher resolution is that you get a bigger screen to enjoy the games in all their glory. With games especially, you need the advantage of having a clear view for a better gaming experience.

No more lagging

Gaming monitors have a better refresh rate. This is what determines how many frames per second a monitor can display. The higher the refresh rate, the more frames you can work with, meaning lesser lagging.

What’s better is that it helps you play more smoothly, with significantly reduced blurring. Since you’re working with more frames, gaming actions like shooting, aiming and tracking are even better.

Get the image quality you paid for

With online and FPS games, being mindful of your surroundings is the key to winning. But imagine not being able to see your surroundings properly because your monitor is simply lacking the features!

This is especially important for games that are set up in a dark background. You need to be able to see the soldiers in black or the spies in camouflage. Simply put, it’s not you, it’s your monitor that’s to be blamed for your defeat!

Say goodbye to screen tears

If you’ve been gaming on a normal monitor, you might have experienced screen tears. It’s when your screen splits into two, displaying mismatched images above and below. Nobody wants that in the middle of a full-on gaming session.

A gaming monitor is designed with adaptive sync technology. This allows for seamless gameplay, without all these uncalled-for interruptions.

No more weird neck pains!

Let’s be honest. When you sit down to play, time loses all value and you don’t realize that it has indeed been four hours since you started playing.

And to remind you of your endeavor, you’re gifted by an excruciating neck pain that won’t go away no matter what you do.

Now I could tell you to play for a lesser duration of time. But let’s be real here, that probably won’t work. Instead, I’ll tell you this, get a gaming monitor.

A gaming monitor can be adjusted to tilt or swivel, so you can set it at a comfortable position that aligns with your gaze. That way you can play for as long as you like, without worrying about your neck straining.

It’s good for your eyes!

Okay yes, good might be an overstatement. But gaming monitors are much better than normal PC monitors when it comes to playing games.

Gaming monitors are designed with a built-in anti-glare and anti-flicker technology that produces a lesser degree of strain on your eyes. So if you’re playing for say, 3 hours in a row, it’s better that you play on a gaming monitor instead of a normal one.

Fancy it up

If you’re feeling fancy and have the money, you can even opt for a fancier option and get a curved-screen gaming monitor for an even more immersive experience!.

There are so many gadgets and accessories you can pair with your gaming monitor. They can significantly improve how you perceive gaming, but also take you to the next level in the gaming community. And who doesn’t want that?

To Conclude

If you’ve been reading this far, you’re probably as committed to gaming as I had hoped you were. In that case, if you needed a sign to finally splurge on a gaming monitor, here you go.

While a gaming monitor might not be a necessity for playing games on a PC, it does make a big difference. Other than looking absolutely cool, a gaming monitor does so much to improve your overall gaming experience.

It improves the picture quality, eliminates the glitches that come with a normal monitor, and even improves your performance during gaming. Plus it comes with fancier options like curved screens and unique displays, all the more reason to get one if you can!