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TOP 10 Best Graphics Tablets 2024

Drawing or designing on paper is something people have done for millennia. It’s one of several skills that has got us to where we are today as a species. But, in the digital age, drawing on paper is just not enough to get your art and work to where they need to go to be appreciated or purchased. And, unfortunately, drawing on a computer with a mouse and keyboard just isn’t the same as holding an actual pen or a brush.

That’s why graphics tablets have changed the game as thoroughly as they have. A good graphics tablet allows you to literally paint with a pen or a brush on a flat digital screen and watch your creation flower underneath your arm as if it was drawn on paper.

So, if you haven’t used a graphics tablet before and you’re still unsure of their benefits, I thought I’d list the biggest pros of good graphics tablets below. Granted, different designs have different perks and drawbacks but the best graphics tablets are sure to bring the following 8 benefits to your home or work station.

The 8 benefits of graphics tablets

Graphics tablets are pretty much the ideal middle ground between traditional canvas drawing and working on a computer. Designed to mimic pencil or brush painting as well as possible while still giving you all the benefits of drawing on a computer, the best graphics tablets offer a completely new way to design and draw.

Tablets allow for perfectly intuitive natural drawing motions

Where mouse and keyboard drawing fails, graphics tablets succeed with ease. Drawing on a screen takes a bit of getting used to if you’ve never done it before but after a bit of practice, it starts to feel as natural as holding an actual wooden pencil. Naturally, this makes graphics tablets the best possible options for artists and designers who want their working process to feel as good as possible.

Get the freedom of drawing pressure

Any experienced artist or designer knows that paper or a canvas is not just a flat surface – they are three-dimensional, in a way, and the pressure you apply to the surface matters as much as the horizontal motions you make across it.

Can this be replicated on a tablet’s screen, you might wonder? Why, yes it can – the best graphics tablets are designed to detect and measure the pressure you apply and to translate it onto the screen via thicker or slimmer lines, wider or thinner brush strokes, and so on.

You can use your graphics tablet in conjunction with any device

Just like a computer, a graphics tablet can be used with any other device. It can be connected to a PC or laptop, or you can attach a mouse and keyboard to it via a USB port. This gives you a lot of versatility in terms of what you want to do with your graphics tablet and how.

Stave off carpal tunnel syndrome

Whether you work with a mouse & keyboard or you’re strictly working with paper only, carpet tunnel is something to fear. That, together with other joint problems is one of the banes of any artist but graphics tablets are a great way to avoid this problem. By allowing you to mix different methods and tools of drawing, designing, and working, graphics tablets are much easier on your hands and wrists.

The best graphics tablets have lots of extra features

As you’d expect from any good piece of modern electronics, the best graphics tablets are chock-full of various features and perks. From the various software tools you can install on your graphics tablet to the Plug and Play feature, USB ports, wireless tools, and more, a graphics tablet is a treasure cove of goodies.

Most graphics software works with graphic tablets

If you’re worried that a graphics tablet won’t have access to the same software your PC can use – don’t be. Virtually all good modern graphics software tools are designed to work with graphics tablets too.

Graphics tablets come in all sizes and designs

Just like phones and standard tablets, graphic tablets today come in various shapes and sizes. Whether you want something small and portable or something extra large to keep on your drawing desk 24/7, there are suitable designs for you. This all but guarantees that you’ll be able to find something that fits your preferences rather than have to settle for something that’s only so-so.

Take your graphics tablet anywhere you go

One of the biggest perks of graphics tablets over both PCs/laptops and traditional drawing tools such as paper and brushes is that tablets are much easier to carry around. Instead of having to haul a whole laptop or carry a ton of paper, paint, and drawing tools, all you need with a graphics tablet is the tablet itself – that’s all! It’s lightweight, it’s easy to carry, and you can literally go around the world with it if you want.

In conclusion

If you’re a traditionalist you may be inherently opposed to the idea of drawing on a screen. In today’s digital world, however, being able to produce art or graphic design digitally is a must, and using a mouse and keyboard is just not effective or efficient enough.

That’s where graphics tablets come in. Sure, they can feel weird to use at first, regardless of whether you’ve gotten used to drawing on paper or drawing with a mouse. However, once you get the hang of them and their different settings and features, graphics tablets will completely revolutionize the way you draw and design.