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TOP 10 Best Hair Dryers 2024

Hair Dryers have been around for quite a while now. Today, we have a variety of hair dryers ranging from simple ones that basically dry your hair to fancy ones with adjustable heat and speed settings.

Getting the right type of hair dryer is important to ensure it meets your expectations. To get an insight into the types of hair dryers available in the online market and their benefits, check out our article below!

Do you know what the worst part about waking up in the morning is? Waking up in the morning (duh!). How about the second-worst part about waking up in the morning? Having to shower and then stepping out into the cold with a head full of wet hair!

Tying up wet hair is the absolute worst since they don’t dry properly. And then, it sticks out in weird ways or gets that eerie wet hair smell. As a result, you have a permanent bad hair day until you shower again. But the cycle repeats!

Now imagine how much easier things could be if you owned a hairdryer? A blast of hot air for a minute or two and you can walk out with comfortable, dry hair. Not only will they look great but they’ll also have added volume!

Even if you can’t relate to the series of unfortunate events: hair edition there are plenty of reasons why you should get a hairdryer either way.

If you need convincing, let’s get started.

8 Benefits of Having Hair Dryers in Your Arsenal

Now you might be thinking, what’s so special about a hairdryer? It really just…dries your hair? But, that’s wrong.

From styling your hair salon-style to dealing with spill emergencies, a dryer could help you do it all. Here are 8 reasons why you should get a hairdryer ASAP!

Frizzy hair, begone!

If you deal with frizzy hair and those unruly baby hair, (they’re the worst yes!) drying your hair with a hairdryer can help with that issue. Some advanced hair dryers even come with the latest ionic technology. This helps to tame your hair, add smoothness, and eliminate frizziness.

A few minutes after a shower to convert a bad hair day to good? Sign me up!

Save yourself some precious time

We can all be lazy sometimes (okay, most of the time) but hear me out! Drying your hair with a hairdryer saves you a good amount of time! Almost a quarter of how long it would take to air dry.

So think about it, if you’re cutting your hair-drying time by half, you can actually spend those extra minutes sleeping instead (fair bargain? I think so!)

It’s also great for days when you need tamed hair but don’t have the time to style it properly. Just blow dry it with a few strokes of a brush and you’ll be set to go.

Salon style hair at home!

Now if you’re done being lazy and actually make an effort with your hairdryer, you’d be surprised at the salon-level-blow-dry you can achieve.

To do this, try investing in a good quality round bristle brush and some pre-styling serums. You can follow a YouTube tutorial, or you can read this rough guide:

  • Apply your heat-protectant serum to damp hair
  • Part your hair into four or six sections and clip each of them separately
  • Using your round brush, dry each section thoroughly, taking your time
  • Repeat the same with all of your hair
  • Flaunt that perfectly blow-dried hair

Some hair dryers even come with attachments that allow you to style your hair in different ways.

It’s easy to use

Standard heat styling tools like straighteners or curlers require some degree of expertise to use properly. But that’s not the case with hairdryers! You can use them with ease even if you’ve never used a hair-styling tool before.

You can also just flip your hair upside down, blast your hairdryer on high for a few minutes. Now, marvel at the amount of volume your hair gained. Easy!

Less damage, more volume

You probably know that heat styling tools like straightening or curling irons work at a higher degree of heat than hair dryers. This means they entail a greater chance of damaging your hair too.

So if you already have thin hair, using those tools might not be the best for your hair’s health.

Instead, try using a hairdryer to style your hair. Some models come with attachments for different types of styling, you can straighten, curl, and blow-dry your hair using your hairdryer.

Not only does that allow you to style your hair while avoiding damage, but it also adds volume and smoothness to thin hair, for a fuller look.

Quick fix for spills

If you’re as clumsy as I am, chances are you probably spill on your shirt a lot more often than you’d like to admit. So if you’re ever in need of a quick-fix without wanting to change out of your favorite sweatshirt, just use a hairdryer.

Wash the spilled area with some water, turn the hairdryer on, and hover it on top of the wet area until it’s dry. And you’re done. Super convenient!

Protect the little ones from the cold

If you have pets, or a baby, and you bathe them during the chilly season, you can actually use a hairdryer on a low setting to dry them up quickly. This can avoid the usual problems that can arise from cold exposure in the little ones.

However, make sure you’re taking all the safety precautions in place to avoid any accidents. And I do not recommend doing this often.

There are so many to choose from!

Depending on your budget and your usage requirements, you can choose from a variety of hair dryers. There are advanced ones with a cold-air option, some come with additional styling attachments, some are portable, some are optimized with ionic technology to eliminate frizz, and so on.

You name it and chances are you’ll probably find a hair dryer to your liking.


Now you know all about what you can do with a hairdryer. Why would you not want to own one now?

It’s a quick-fix and a luxury salon experience all in one. Don’t deprive yourself and get a hairdryer as soon as you can!