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TOP 10 Best Hair Straighteners 2024

Regardless of your hair type, finding the best hair straightener for you can be a hassle. There are several factors you need to consider before you finally decide which one satisfies your hair needs. Amongst the other factors to consider, you have to ensure that the hair straightener you choose produces the perfect heat temperature that's healthy for your hair texture (thin to curly, to thick). The ideal hair straightener has to come with the appropriate heat regulator so that you do not lose your hair to too much heat. Below, we've gathered the top 10 best hair straighteners that are friendly to your hair texture. 

Buying guide

The different hair straighteners make it difficult for you to buy a random hair straightener from an online or brick-and-mortar store. There are a variety of hair straighteners in the market that meet the needs of different people. For instance, hair straighteners tailored to serve short and frizz hair would most likely not work for people with long and wavy hair. Below we have provided you with everything you need to know before buying a hair straightener.

Types of hair straighteners

As earlier stated, you shouldn't go shopping for hair straighteners without first learning about the different types that exist. There are quite a few factors you should look out for before you invest your money in any fancy hair straightener. First, you have to determine your hair texture and the type of changes that it can undergo. Then, you can choose the hair straightener that's best for your hair. That way, you won't damage your hair with the wrong hair straightener. Here, we explore the types of hair straighteners that exist. 

  • Ceramic Straighteners

Ceramic hair straighteners are pretty famous as many people purchase ceramic hair straighteners for use regardless of their hair straightening methods. This type of hair straightener is renowned for a couple of reasons. But for starters, the ceramic material manufacturers forge this hair straightener type that retains heat perfectly. It also ensures that flat irons made from ceramics can reach high temperatures. Although ceramic straighteners generate high-temperature heat, the ceramic material evenly distributes the heat around the plate. Consequently, you won't suffer burns while using a ceramic hair straightener. Ceramic hair straighteners are also ideal in achieving zero frizz, shiny and smooth hair texture. If you have curly or thin and fine hair, you should opt for Ceramic hair straighteners. 

  • Ceramic coating 

When hair straighteners come with ceramic coating, there's always metal underneath the coating. The metal, along with the ceramic coating, gives the hair straightener a smooth appearance. However, their heat distribution varies. These hair straighteners heat up fast but do not maintain the heat they generated, unlike ceramic straighteners. 

Tourmaline Straighteners 

Tourmaline hair straighteners are a bit expensive. By design, manufacturers of these types of hair straighteners cover the plate with tourmaline. However, a bit pricey, tourmaline straighteners are more durable compared to other types of hair straighteners. There is no striking difference between how tourmaline and ceramic plates operate. In appearance, tourmaline plates are shiny. They look pretty expensive. To forge tourmaline plates, manufacturers ground tourmaline gemstones and uses them to cover up the iron plates of the tourmaline straighteners. Ceramic plates also have tourmaline on them. The tourmaline is responsible for the smooth and shiny surface of ceramic plates. Hair straighteners need smooth plates to prevent possible hair damage. Tourmaline straighteners are perfect for curly, thin, or frizzy hair types.

Titanium Straighteners

Although Titanium hair straighteners have a fast heat-up speed, they retain the heat at a consistent temperature. With the presence of ionic charge, titanium straighteners smoothen your hair. In addition, these straighteners are lightweight.  If you have fine hair texture, you shouldn't opt for titanium straighteners because they can burn your hair quickly. But titanium straighteners work best for stubborn, thick, and coarse hair. These hair textures require very high heat settings to become straight and smooth. Titanium plates straighten thick, stubborn, and coarse hair in a single motion without damaging the hair. 

Most important features to look for in a hair straightener. 

Aside from the type of hair straighteners that exist, there are other factors that you should research before you invest in a hair straightener. For instance, there are different hair straightener models in the market. These models have unique features that deliver different results. So, if you want to achieve a specific outcome like reduce frizz in your hair, you need to know the best hair straightener model for you.  


There are mainly two forms of hair straighteners. Let's examine them.  

  • Straightening iron 

Straightening irons are the most common types of hair straighteners. They are very effective and would make your hair smooth, straight, and shiny. Creators of straightening irons equip it with superior technology like infrared technology, ion boosters, etc. the features present in a straightening iron contribute to the result you'll get. Divide your hair section by section, take each section, one after the other, clap it in between the straightening iron when it gets hot, and run it through your hair from the root down to the tip.  

  • Straightening brush 

While straightening brushes also straighten the hair, they consume a lot more energy before it straightens your hair to satisfaction. Straightening brushes are easy to use. They look like hairbrushes with the ability to heat up and get rid of frizz. To use this brush, wait for it to heat us, section your hair and run it through your hair like you would with a regular hairbrush.

Temperature range 

The temperature range of a hair straightener is another crucial factor in a straightener. Different temperature ranges exist for each hair type and texture to reduce damage to a minimum. Here is the perfect temperature range for the different hair textures that exist: 

  • Delicate and fragile hair – 120º - 150º C 

  • Fine and strong hair – 150º - 180º C 

  • Normal and fragile hair – 180º C 

  • Normal and resistant hair – 190º - 210º C 

  • Thick and abundant hair - 210º C 

If your hair straightener has the perfect temperature recommendation for your hair, it has passed the first stage that determines if it is the right one for you. 

Heat-up time 

The heat-up time for your hair straightener depends on the plate material and the heating technology of the straightener. If your straightener is a ceramic straightener, then it most likely would have a fast heat-up time. Quick heat-up time is useful when you're preparing for work in the morning. With ceramic straighteners, you'll get a speedy heat-up time, and the plates would sustain the heat while you straighten your hair. 

Plate size 

The plate size of your straightener affects the concentration of heat and heat damage in your straightener. It also contributes to the even heat that the straightener applies to your hair. Let's take a look at the different plate sizes that exist.  

  • Standard size 

Most straightener models have 2,54 cm (1 inch) wide plates. That is the standard size for hair straighteners. If you measure your straightener's plate and get a size above 1 inch, it automatically doesn't fall into the standard size category.  

  • Slim Size

Suppose you need to reach the hair close to your scalp and achieve detailed hairstyling with a straightener, hair straighteners with slim plates, your best shot. They are great for styling and can get closer to your scalp without scorching it. Slim plates wouldn't damage your hair or scalp because they expose your hair to less heat for short periods.

  • Wide Size

Wide plates mean more heat to your hair. But they are advantageous when it comes to speed with straightening your hair. Nevertheless, wide plates are great for people with thick long hair. 

Auto shut-off 

Sometimes, you might forget to turn off your hair straightener after using it. That's fine. But it would be best if you considered buying hair straighteners with the auto shut-off feature. Leaving a turned-on hair straightener lying around is dangerous. Hence ensure this feature is a top priority when searching for the best hair straightener for you. Hair straighteners that turn off automatically do so after a certain amount of time. Usually, they go off automatically, after 30 or 60 minutes. That way, straighteners won't overheat and create a fire. 

Steam straightening 

Some straightener models offer steam straightening features. This feature makes your hair shinier than usual while it straightens it. Straighteners with this feature are usually healthier for your hair compared to straighteners without it. This straightener heats itself and straightens your hair with steam. It looks like regular straighteners but with steam. Usually, you need to add water to create the steam for this straightener. If you use steam straighteners correctly, you won't suffer from hair damage. 

Other features 

Aside from the features we've explored so far, we'll examine the other features that make up an excellent hair straightener. Keep reading. 

Sensor technology 

With sensor technology, you won't suffer from hair damage because it makes your straightener sense the state of your hair. Then, it regulates the temperature, so it's suitable for your hair. For instance, it detects your hair type, checks if it's damp or dry, and sets the temperature to the perfect model for your hair. 

Dual voltage  

If you travel a lot and take your straightener with you, you should check if your straightener has the dual-voltage feature. Different voltages work for diverse terrain. Usually, dual-voltage straighteners work at 110V and 220V. 

Cordless straighteners 

If you ever go camping or to a place without power outlets, cordless straighteners come in handy. They work with therma Butane gas or a rechargeable battery. These straighteners heat their plates with the energy they draw from the battery or gas. The heat from cordless straighteners is enough to straighten your hair even though you can't use it directly with power outlets. They are also portable and smaller compared to traditional straighteners. Hence, you won't get your desired result speedily, especially if your hair is long and thick. You'll need a lot more time to achieve straight, frizz-free, smooth, and shiny hair.  


Some hair straighteners in the market double as straighteners and hair curlers. They come with rounded edges. They are also lightweight and smaller than average straighteners. Curling your hair with a straightener is time-consuming. However, the outcome is usually beautiful.