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TOP 10 Best Hair Trimmers 2023

Hair trimmers are one of the few styling tools men have. As the name suggests, they are used to trim short hair and are used for more precise cuts. While there is a lot of confusion as to why you need a hair trimmer in contrast to just going to a hairdresser, a hair trimmer outweighs the advantages. To read more on that and to get a few product recommendations, check out our full article below.

Have you ever paid a massive amount of dirhams to your barber for a haircut that you absolutely hated? I’m sure we all have. While it might not happen each time, anyone can have a bad day, including your hairdresser. And that unfortunately might not be very good for you.

This is why I, for one, think it’s too risky entrusting anyone with my hair before an important event. Because what if they cut it too short? Or what if they make a mistake and cut it unevenly? What if I end up looking like one of those Pinterest fails? There is so much that can go wrong.

However, there is a way you can prevent a hair disaster situation and tame your hair pre-event at the same time. Simple, just do it yourself using hair trimmers!

Owning your own hair trimmer is such a liberating experience. Can’t get an appointment with your hairdresser? Need a last-minute haircut? Need to tame that beard of yours? Worry not! A hair trimmer will save the day.

There are a lot of reasons why owning a hair trimmer could benefit you. Let’s dive into them!

Top 5 Benefits of Using Hair Trimmers

From the looks of it, a hair trimmer is a mere hair styling tool. But it is also very versatile and convenient in its functions. Here is why I think you need your own hair trimmer stat!

Save Your Money!

A hair trimmer is a one-time investment only. After that, it’s free haircuts for life! (I mean, for as long as the machine works for you).

Imagine all the money you’ll save annually if you’re not spending it on a haircut or shave every few days. Plus, you can do it at your own convenience whenever you want. No need for appointments or waiting around for the weekend to have free time. Just grab ‘em and go!

Refresh Your Look Whenever You Want

Owing to the expense or the hassle, a lot of people wait for a while before refreshing their look again. I mean why do you have to look like Tarzan in real life before getting a haircut and shave?! Why can’t you simply do it whenever you want to?

When you own your own hair trimmers, you have the freedom to trim your hair and beard as it grows. This way you can stay true to your pristine self, without looking like you need to go back to the cave.

It also gives you the option to do a little something extra before important events or nights out, just to look better than you usually do. Sometimes, we can all use that little confidence boost!

Let Your Adventurous Side Take Hold!

Let’s say you’re hauled up at your house, with nowhere to go. So if you’re to hypothetically get a bad haircut no one will know.

So if you’ve ever wanted to try that cool haircut from Instagram or from the latest Netflix show you’re obsessed with, with your hair trimmers, you can have a go at it!

Hair trimmers give you a chance to experiment on your own hair within the comfort of your own home, without the prospect of your hairdresser judging you.

The best part is that you can go slow, taking your time with each section without worrying about increasing your bill or annoying other waiting customers at your expense.

And even if you mess up, just know that your hair will grow back! So don’t hold back.

Sensitive Skinned Boys Behold!

Shaving machines/razors and sensitive skin aren’t the best of friends, unfortunately. Some men can get super red, inflamed skin after shaving since the blades on a shaver can be too aggressive for their skin.

Hair trimmers can be a great alternative for these men. They’re less aggressive and often come with hypoallergenic blades that are gentler on the skin. Therefore they do not cause much irritation.

Precision Like Never Before!

If you like to be precise with your haircuts, a hair trimmer can help you achieve that. First, you can hack away at the long hair with scissors or whatever. Then you can use hair trimmers to define the outline and create the shape you want.

It is also a great tool to define and outline your beard a little better if you want to.


Looking and feeling your best is what everyone wants. Sometimes, that can just mean maintaining your hair and beard to look its best at all times. With hair trimmers, you can do just that.

With hair trimmers, you can freshen up your hair and beard at your own convenience, without having to make appointments or waiting in long queues at your hairdresser. So you gain all that confidence of doing something on your own and looking your best while you’re at it.

Not to mention all the money you’ll be saving! So if you weren’t convinced about getting a hair trimmer till now, just get one and thank me later!