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TOP 10 Best Hand Blenders 2024

While there are too many kitchen appliances to count today, not all of them live up to the expectations they set. However, hand blenders are a solid exception to that idea. Hand blenders are a relatively new addition to the world of kitchen appliances but have gained popularity fast. And for good reason. To know why you should have a portable hand blender, keep on reading!

Have you ever had to blend something super quick but hate the idea of having to set up the entire blending machine? (Let alone clean all the parts later!) If yes then having a hand blender can save you the hassle!

(I especially hate having to wash the jug, since you can never really wash it properly no matter what trick you try!)

So you go to your blending job with a whisk and give yourself a hand cramp in the process. Which is definitely not worth it.

So what’s a good way to get the job done without all the inconvenience? What you need is a hand blender!

A hand blender is a super convenient and versatile kitchen tool you will be eternally grateful for.

With a hand blender, you can finish your blending job within seconds, with minimal cleaning up to do and next to no hand cramping!

If you’re somehow still unaware of the many virtues a hand blender has, continue reading ahead to find out more.

7 Benefits of Having a Hand Blender

Now you might be wondering what’s so special about a mundane-looking kitchen gadget? Well, it’s the versatility amongst other things. There is no culinary job a hand blender can’t achieve. And it does so with utmost finesse. Here are 7 advantages of why you should get one too!

It’s pretty affordable

Usually, fancy kitchen gadgets can be needlessly expensive. And who wants that?!

A hand blender is usually reasonably priced in the online market. It’s usually within the 200 Dirhams mark, and that too for fancy ones. You can find basic ones for around 100 Dirhams as well.

So if you want to try getting a hand blender to see if you like it, the price shouldn’t be an excuse not to. In case you don’t like it ( which won’t happen ) you can at least salvage the fact that you didn’t spend an exorbitant amount on it.

You can save that precious cabinet space!

No matter how you organize, your kitchen cabinets are bound to overflow at some point. Especially the ones with the machinery and the gadgets. Most kitchen appliances tend to be super bulky and take up way too much space.

A hand blender on the other hand takes up minimal storage space. On its own, it’ll take up as much space as a tall jar would. Even if you get one with the attachments, they’re usually lightweight and compact enough to be sorted easily.

It might be the most convenient tool ever

Have you ever been in the middle of a recipe that calls for transferring the stuff to a blender and you instantly regret taking up the recipe at all? Yeah, same!

Now that might not be a problem if you have a hand blender! Instead of transferring your food to the blender, you can bring the blender to the food. The portability allows you to blend the ingredients within the pot. Without having to transfer anything.

This means fewer things to clean and lesser chances of making a mess.

It’s easier to maintain

It’s such a hassle having to wash the blade, the jug, and the lid separately after using a normal blender. And this frustration often leads to your blender being under-cleaned, which isn’t nice at all!

Thankfully, that isn’t much of a problem with a hand blender. You only have to wash the blender attachment with hot water and soap, and you’re done. Some attachments are also dishwasher safe to add to your convenience.

It can do almost anything

A hand blender can be used to achieve so many things if you discover its true potential.

Here are a few things you can make using a hand blender:

  • Smoothies
  • Soups
  • Herb sauces
  • Hummus
  • Mayo
  • Garlic sauce
  • Pancake mix
  • Whipped coffee

And literally so much more! It all depends on the number of ways you can discover how to use it.

Add the attachments for added fun

If that wasn’t convenient enough, you can actually get a hand blender that comes with additional attachments for different jobs. Some attachments you usually get with a hand blender include:

  • A chopper: To cut those vegetables within seconds whenever you feel lazy (which is most of us, all the time)!
  • A whisker attachment: To turn your blender into an electric whisk, so you can even use it in your baking endeavors!

With so many features, a hand blender is a must have kitchen device!

Easier to use

Whenever you try to blend a semi-dry mixture in the blender, it often happens that it gets stuck mid-cycle and then you have to manually dislodge it to blend it properly. And you need to do this quite a few times before the mixture finally blends.

With a hand blender, you have the flexibility of directing the blade where you want, to what extent you want. This way you can easily blend those tough mixtures without wasting any time.


There is no doubt that a hand blender is a super useful tool that is definitely worth the investment. You can blend, whisk, puree, emulsify and even chop using a hand blender, without breaking a sweat.

It’s basically a mini version of the food factory, that has the added advantage of being portable and easy to maintain. With all that it has to offer, I feel like every kitchen should have a hand blender, including yours!