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TOP 10 Best Hand Mixers 2024

We have access to a lot of kitchen appliances these days, each with its own uses and specifics. It’s quite common for new recipes to call for appliances that we don’t yet have but we can’t just buy a new tool every week when both our budgets and kitchen space are limited.

Hand mixers are an excellent solution to both of these problems – they are small and very compact while also coming at quite reasonable prices. They are an interesting departure from the countertop multi-use kitchen appliances we are used to these days such as stand mixers and kitchen robots. Still, hand mixers have successfully carved their own niche and bring a lot of benefits that hand mixers or other appliances simply lack.

We’ll go over the eight main benefits a hand mixer can bring to your kitchen below. By the end of the article, you’ll know all the big reasons why your kitchen needs a hand mixer and why you might want to get such a device instead of a stand mixer or any of its other alternatives.

The 8 benefits of hand mixers

A more recent variation of the traditional eggbeaters, modern hand mixers are both genius in their simplicity and effective at all the tasks they are intended for.

1. They are perfect for smaller kitchens as they safe space

Hand mixers can vary in size but they are all generally quite small – they are meant to be easy to hold with a single hand, after all. This is great for your kitchen as it means that you can always find some room for a hand mixer there.

Stand mixers, on the other hand, are typically meant to be kept on the counter at all times as they are a bit too cumbersome to constantly be packed away and taken out. That’s not a problem with hand mixers – putting them back in their box and in the bottom of the closet is no problem whatsoever.

2. If you’re in a hurry, a hand mixer is great to use

Hand mixers are very easy devices to use, so much so that they end up saving us a lot of time too. They are the perfect midway point between a stand mixer that does the job quickly but is slow to set up and clean, and a fork that is easy to set up and use but takes a long time.

Instead, hand mixers both work quickly and are quick to deal with – you just put the mixing wand on them, plug them in, and start mixing. After that, just turn them off and toss the mixing wand in the washing machine – that’s it.

3. You can use these devices with any bowl

Something that’s both a benefit and a negative of stand mixers is that they have their own containers in which you have to do the mixing. With a hand mixer, on the other hand, you can use any bowl you want. Just put the ingredients in, mix them, put the mixer away, and continue cooking with the same bowl.

4. Hand mixers are much more affordable than stand mixers

As much smaller, simpler, and lighter tools than stand mixers, hand mixers are considerably more affordable than them too. Of course, the exact price can vary based on the hand mixer’s quality and brand with better models costing more.

However, a good hand mixer will always be more affordable than a stand mixer of a corresponding brand and quality. So, while it’s still advisable to get the best possible quality even if it comes at a higher price tag, you’ll still be saving money compared to other appliances.

5. Cleaning a hand mixer is exceptionally easy

Another thing we love about hand mixers is just how easy they are to clean. With stand mixers, almost every part of the machine gets dirty – its bowl, its mixing tools, and the several rotating parts as well. With hand mixers, on the other hand, only the mixing wand gets dirty so that’s all you need to clean. And, if it’s machine-washable, the whole process becomes even easier. The only exception would be if some splashes get on the body of the mixer but those just need to be wiped off with a wet towel.

6. The best hand mixers come with a lot of additional accessories

As is the case with stand mixers, good hand mixers can come with various mixing wands and other rotating accessories. So, when you’re choosing your hand mixer it’s wise to pick one that has the exact accessories you know you’re going to need.

7. They are very portable and easy to carry around with you

One more huge advantage of hand mixers over their countertop alternatives is that they are portable and very easy to carry around. If you want to give to a neighbor or a friend for some special dish they are making or if you want to take your mixer for a long vacation somewhere, hand mixers are much easier to use than the large and cumbersome stand mixers.

8. The best hand mixers can last decades

Today we’re a bit used to technology lasting only a few years before it has to be replaced. And that’s the case with some appliances, either because they are too complex to be long-lasting enough or because the manufacturer makes them so that they get broken shortly after the warranty has expired.

That isn’t the case with good hand mixers, however. Because they are quite simple in the way they work, there really isn’t much in them that can break. So, as long as you’ve got a good mixer from a reputable brand and you use it properly, it will likely last not years but decades.

In conclusion

Hand mixers are unique and fascinating kitchen appliance that has a place in the kitchen of any food lover and cooking enthusiast. Many people opt for the bigger and more powerful stand mixers but hand mixers have a nice assortment of additional benefits and utilities that you can’t get with a stand mixer.

The superior handling and versatility of hand mixers combined with their portability and affordable prices make them great tools for anyone – from young couples who want to save some money to experienced chefs who are looking for the best tool for their kitchen.