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TOP 10 Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners 2023

Vacuuming is an annoying and time-consuming, but unfortunately necessary part of life. Standard vacuum cleaners aren’t really versatile enough for many tasks around the house and so we tend to leave a lot of unvacuumed or poorly cleaned.

Fortunately, that’s exactly why many modern vacuum models are getting specialized to perform certain tasks. Handheld vacuum cleaners, for example, are an excellent solution for the kitchen, for small tasks that require just a quick vacuuming, or for hard-to-reach spots that are difficult to deal with using a standard vacuum cleaner.

Handheld vacuum cleaners do tend to get overlooked, however, as a lot of people underestimate their small size and versatility. To remedy this, we’ll go over the 9 main benefits of handheld vacuum cleaners below.

The 9 benefits of handheld vacuum cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners come in hundreds of different models from various brands and with many specific accessories and additional benefits and drawbacks. All of the best handheld vacuum cleaners, however, have these nine specific positives that you can benefit from.

No storing issues for these compact vacuums

Handheld vacuum cleaners are very small and practical which also means that they can easily be stored anywhere in your home. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners and most other vacuum types with which you also have to free some extra closet space, that’s not the case with handheld vacuum cleaners.

Lightweight enough for anyone to use with ease

Another benefit is just how lightweight and easy to handle handheld vacuum cleaners are. No matter how old you are, whether you’re sick or not, whether you have back issues, or anything else – anyone can use a handheld vacuum cleaner with little to no problems.

Cordless designs are even easier to handle

Not all handheld vacuum cleaners but most of the best ones tend to be. And this is a great benefit as it makes them even more convenient to use – no need to drag a dozen meters long cable through your home and worry how far the vacuum can reach as it can literally reach anywhere you want it to.

Carry this small vacuum anywhere you want

Handheld vacuum cleaners are also fantastic for outside your home. Want to vacuum your car’s interior? Want to get a vacuum camping? Want to help a friend or a relative clean their home for a party? While dragging a traditional vacuum cleaner with you would be so impractical that you wouldn’t even consider it, handheld vacuum cleaners are exceptionally portable and are ideal for such tasks.

More versatile than traditional vacuum cleaners

Traditional vacuum cleaners are great for what they are meant to do but they are just not particularly versatile. In addition to the clumsiness of their size and the annoying cable you need to drag everywhere, they are also not very suitable for certain narrow or tight spaces. Handheld vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, can go virtually anywhere your hand can go.

Additionally, handheld vacuum cleaners tend to be gentler on softer floors that traditional vacuum cleaners often damage.

There are so many accessories and attachments to use

A big part of what makes handheld vacuum cleaners so versatile is the vast array of accessories they can come with. There are tools for narrow-ended crevices that are perfect for cleaning couches and the spaces between their cushions as well as blinds, car seats, and more. Then there’s the soft-tip brush extension tube or telescoping handle that’s fantastic for dusting baseboards, blinds, or ceiling cobwebs.

Quick cleanups are more convenient than ever before

Probably the biggest advantage of handheld vacuum cleaners is that they are excellent for quick cleanups. In those common instances when you just need to vacuum the couch, the pieces of a broken glass on the floor, or a cabinet you’re about to restock, handheld vacuum cleaners are the perfect solution. There’s no need to go through the minutes-long prep time of a standard vacuum cleaner, to drag it around your home, or to have to struggle fitting it back in the closet. Instead, you can just quickly grab your handheld vacuum cleaner, do the job, and toss it back in its cabinet.

Get more power than you might have expected

A common misconception is that handheld vacuum cleaners are not powerful enough. And while they can’t match the power of the stronger and larger traditional vacuums, the best handheld vacuum cleaners are still more than powerful enough to deal with any household mess. A good 20V handheld vacuum cleaner will easily take care of any spill, dust, or other problem you may be facing.

There are a lot of surprisingly affordable options

It’s also important to note that the best handheld vacuum cleaners don’t really need to be as expensive as you might expect them to be. Even the newest and most effective models can be found at very affordable prices, especially considering their efficiency and how durable and long-lasting they are. With a tool like that, you can make your household work much easier without breaking the bank at all.

In conclusion

The simple fact of the matter is that every home needs at least one adequate vacuum cleaner with many needing even more than that. Different households will have different needs and preferences but handheld vacuum cleaners are one type of vacuums that almost anyone can benefit from. These small and compact devices have a lot of pros and very few cons, including some very surprising advantages such as power, efficiency, and affordability.

So, even if you haven’t had or used a handheld vacuum cleaner and you’re certain that you don’t need one, we urge you to reconsider – chances are that you’ll be stunned at how easier and better your home maintenance will be if you get one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners.