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TOP 10 Best Instant Cameras 2024

Instant cameras are a fun way to capture moments and keep them safe forever. They might be an old technology, but they’re definitely not outdated. Even today, a lot of people love instant cameras due to the vintage vibes and the convenience of having a picture within your hold in seconds.

Surprisingly, now we have more polaroid camera options than ever, and all the more reasons to own one. Check out the full article for details on product options and the benefits of owning an instant camera.

aking pictures is now easier than ever. With our cameras being within reach at all times, thanks to our phones. But don’t you miss the feeling of being able to physically flip through albums and reminisce about the old days?

I remember decorating my room with pictures of me and my friends, family, and pets. There was that feeling of home and familiarity that comes with printed pictures. While the virtues of digital photography are endless, that feeling is something I really miss.

This is why I believe everyone should own an Instant camera! So you can at least have a physical photograph of a moment you know you’ll cherish. And with a polaroid picture, it just feels more nostalgic, you know?

Now I know you might not be entirely convinced about going back to old-school technology but here are some reasons why I think you should change your mind. Let’s go!

5 Reasons Why You Should Own an Instant Camera

If you didn’t already know, an instant camera works by letting you take a picture and then printing it instantly. You give it a few minutes to develop and voila! You have a printed photograph with the press of a button. Here’s why that is a super cool thing to have;

Immortalize the Memory Forever!

With your phone or digital camera, you can take endless pictures of a moment but how many times do you open your camera’s gallery to view the picture?

With a polaroid print, you have the picture within arm’s reach. You can actually display it somewhere and look at it as you go through your day. You can frame it and put it on your desk, make one of those picture DIYs, and display it on your wall. Really, the possibilities are endless depending on how creative you are.

That way, a beloved memory becomes something permanent that you can look at whenever you want to.

There’s No Hassle of Having to Get Photos Printed

While you can always print photos you take with a digital camera, you have to physically go to a shop that prints these pictures, and then spend a lot of money on each photo. Since printing a digital photo is pretty costly, given how expensive photo ink and paper costs.

That’s the reason why most people just tend to skip the whole ordeal and settle for posting the pictures on social media.

However, the entire appeal of an instant camera is that you can get a printed copy of a picture in a few minutes, within the comfort of your own house.

All the Creative DIY Projects You Can Make!

I personally love the classic look of a polaroid picture. The white space in the bottom, the thin white frame, the whole thing. If you’re creative enough, there are so many DIY projects you can make with polaroid prints. Here are some ideas:

  • A Scrapbook: you can document a special day in a scrapbook using polaroid pictures. If nothing, simply add the date or a few special words in the white space of the picture, using a permanent marker. Then paste these pictures on a page of the scrapbook and add a few memories about the day you’d want to look back at.
  • A Wall Hanging: If you scroll through Tumblr or Pinterest, you will see how so many people make these adorable wall hangings using fairy lights and polaroid prints. Attach the fairy lights like a suspending wire. Then attach the pictures to it using tiny clothespins or double-sided tape.
  • A DIY Phone Cover: simply put a polaroid print of you and your friends or family inside the back cover of a clear phone case. And it shall work as a simple yet unique phone cover.

There are honestly so many nice ideas you can work with! Look it up on Google and you’ll see what I mean.

Have a Fun Collectible

If you like the look of classic vintage things, you will probably enjoy having a polaroid camera too. The picture quality is obviously below par than what you get with digital photographs. But that’s the entire fun of it.

With polaroid prints, you get to have your own collection of vintage collectibles. And who knows how valuable they’ll be in the future when this technology becomes obsolete? I once met someone that had an entire shoebox filled with polaroid pictures of them at a younger age, and I was a little jealous to be honest.

The camera itself is a good collectible to have. I’ve seen a lot of libraries and cafes use a polaroid camera as a prop to add to the whole vintage/classic theme of the place. And honestly, it looks pretty good!

It’s Fun to Travel With

A polaroid camera is a must-have when you’re traveling! That way, you can create your own personal postcards of all the places you visit and the best part is, that you can be in them!

You can even have your own personal scrapbook to document all your travels. Add the name of the place and the date and just add the pictures. I think it’s a super fun hobby to have.


While you might consider instant cameras as old-school and out of fashion, in truth, they are super fun. I really think everyone should have one, just so they have a physical document of special occasions and important days, without relying on technology. If nothing, you can always boast an instant camera as a vintage collectible and use it for decor purposes if/when the technology becomes redundant!