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TOP 10 Best IPL Laser Hair Removal Devices 2023

There are many ways to deal with unwanted hair growth, each with its benefits, problems, and quirks. A lot of them are not 100% effective, however, cost a lot of money, take a ton of time, or are just too painful and unpleasant to go through. This tends to put a lot of people off the idea of hair removal. If you’re like that and you’re looking for the right hair removal, you may want to consider IPL laser hair removal.

IPL laser hair removal or Intense Pulsed Light hair removal is one of the newer and most effective, efficient, and convenient ways to deal with unwanted hair growth. It works by gently targeting the skin around our hair follicles with intense light, affecting the melanin in it to stop the growth of new hair. Because it works that way, IPL isn’t suitable for people with darker skin or lighter hair. For everyone else, however, IPL brings a ton of benefits to the table!

The 7 benefits of IPL laser hair removal

By targeting the melanin in our skin, IPL laser hair removal offers a very easy, convenient, and pain-free method to deal with unwanted hair. Is it safe, however? Admittedly, “targeting your skin with a laser to damage the melanin in it so that it grows hairless” does sound scary.

IPL laser hair removal is very much safe, however. It sometimes causes a bit of tenderness or redness on the treated skin for a day or two but that’s easy to take care of with a nice cooling antiseptic gel. There are more significant drawbacks for people with darker skin where IPL can cause light burns or for those with certain skin conditions such as psoriasis, photosensitive skin, as well as tanned or sunburnt skin. Then again, that’s exactly why IPL is not recommended in those cases.

For everyone with a light and healthy skin together with darker hair, however, IPL offers a lot of great benefits.

Much faster than standard laser or electrolysis

IPL laser hair removal takes much less time than other standard hair removal methods. It usually takes no more than two or three sessions, once every couple of weeks. With each session taking no more than 10 to 15 minutes, this is one of the fastest ways to get rid of unwanted hair growth.

Forget about ingrown hairs

Because IPL doesn’t include any direct pulling or cutting of hair, it doesn’t lead to ingrown hairs. Like – at all! If you’ve ever experienced ingrown hairs while shaving or waxing, you know just how awesome this benefit is.

You won’t have to suffer through an unsightly regrowth

Many other hair removal methods require that we leave our hair to grow out a bit between treatments. This is necessary if they are to be effective. That’s not the case with IPL, however. Here, you still need to wait a bit between treatments, however, you can shave in the meantime! In other words, you can skip past the whole unsightly regrowth problem that comes with waxing, depilatories, epilating, and other methods.

The little regrowth between sessions is lighter and unnoticeable

What little regrowth there is between the IPL treatment sessions is typically with a lighter color too. That’s precisely because IPL works – it causes the hair to grow lighter in color and lighter in volume until it eventually stops growing at all. So, even if you don’t want to bother shaving between the IPL treatments, your hair regrowth will still be much less noticeable than it would have been with other hair removal methods.

After several treatments, IPL leads to a permanent result

Best of all, IPL is a permanent hair removal method. You don’t need to go through it every other month or every year – once you go through the few IPL sessions, your problem should be solved forever!

It can be used all over your body

Some hair removal methods are tricky to use in certain areas but that’s not the case with IPL – it can be used on every part of the body, be it the face, head, genitals, or anywhere else.

Great value for your cash, compared to other hair removal method

IPL laser hair removal isn’t particularly expensive too, in case you’re worried, which is fantastic as it makes it accessible for a lot of people. This isn’t some high-end hair removal method that only the rare few can afford. It’s not as affordable as a haircut, of course – you may need to save up a little. But, given that it has a permanent effect, that’s still tremendous value for money.

In conclusion

In short, while IPL laser hair removal isn’t suitable for all hair types and skin tones yet, when it works, it works beautifully. Hopefully, with further advances in the technology, IPL will soon start to work better and better for people with lighter hair or darker skin.

Until then, those of us with lighter skin and darker hair can happily benefit from this procedure. Whether you want to go through IPL with a dermatologist, at a salon, or at home, as long as you have the right skin and hair type, you should be very happy with the results.