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TOP 10 Best Kitchen Knives 2023

We all have knives in our kitchens but few of us have actual chef-quality kitchen knives. And that’s the type of problem we often postpone dealing with, thinking that it’s ok to keep using that one dulled-out knife for everything. So, we keep struggling with it every evening, we keep sweating over the kitchen counter, and we even keep risking our fingers working with knives that often need to be thrown in the trash.

The easiest, safest, and most effective solution is to get a new and high-quality set of chef kitchen knives. Perfectly sharp, durable, comfortable to handle and use, and designed perfectly for their individual uses, such knives are the biggest upgrade every household can do for their kitchen.

Let’s go over all the individual benefits of getting a chef-quality set of kitchen knives below and see exactly why this is something you should consider too. 

The 6 benefits of kitchen knives 

Knives are simple things, right? They are literally one of the first tools our ancestors crafted when they got down from the trees. So, why do most of us still use knives that are as dull are the primitive stone creations people used hundreds of thousands of years ago? 

The right set of kitchen knives is a proper feat of modern design and engineering. It’s made of quality stainless steel that doesn’t get dull after several uses, it’s razor-sharp from the get-go and it stays that way for years. It fits right in the hand and it’s made just right for the specific task it has to perform. Switching from using just one or two dull knives for everything to using a large and high-quality set of kitchen knives is the easiest way to transform your kitchen. 

1. Don’t use dull knives anymore

Most of us use dull knives we bought from the supermarket a while back for most things in the kitchen. Such knives are made of such poor quality steel that not only did they get dull quickly, they also stay that way even after you try to sharpen them.  

Getting a high-quality set of kitchen knives means you’ll never have to deal with dull knives ever again. Not only are they razor-sharp, but they also stay that way for years. And even when you eventually have to sharpen them again, they’ll once again stay sharp for just as long. 

Additionally, when you get a large and chef-quality set of knives you’ll naturally start using each of them less as you’ll no longer be using just one or two knives for everything. This further prolongs the sharpness of your kitchen knives. 

2. Cook much faster than before 

When you get used to using a dull knife you often don’t realize just how much time you’re using. You know how those chefs on the TV cut carrots as if they are made out of air? That’s not just because they are experienced professionals – it’s also because their knives are just that sharp. Now, remember how long it takes for a dull knife to chop down a large and hard carrot and think how much time you can save yourself in the kitchen if you upgrade your kitchen knives. 

3. Sharp knives are safer than dull ones 

This point feels counterintuitive but it’s 100% true. 99% of knife-related accidents in the kitchen happen with dull knives. That’s because using a dull knife requires much more force and a dull knife is much more likely to slip or bend and plunge into your flesh rather than that hard beetroot or watermelon.  

With a sharp kitchen knife, on the other hand, the risk is almost non-existant because anything you put it against will offer no resistance. A sharp knife doesn’t slip as even the lightest pressure is enough to get it to cut what it needs to cut. 

4. Make cooking fun again 

Sharp kitchen knives are just fun to use too. Instead of laboring over those carrots, you’ll get to have fun chopping them into tiny pieces like a professional chef. Instead of sweating over that lamb shank for half an hour, you’ll just smile as your chef-quality meat knife is slicing through it as if it was made out of paper. Even if you (think you) hate cooking, a nice set of razor-sharp kitchen knives can turn cooking into one of your favorite hobbies. 

5. Good chef knives look great too

Vanity isn’t nearly as important as some other things but there’s nothing wrong with appreciating how good your kitchen appliances look. A good set of quality kitchen knives hanged over the kitchen counter is a fantastic decoration for any kitchen. Whether they are hanging on hooks or on a magnetic board, or whether they are placed nicely into a wooden knives-stand, such a knives collection is a great way to turn your kitchen into a room your happy to enter and look around. 

6. Get a lot of versatility with a nice collection of nice kitchen knives

A major advantage of getting a large set of high-quality kitchen knives is the fact that every good knife is designed for a particular job. Instead of using one or two knives for everything, you can have a dozen knives, with each of them being perfectly made for something. This will further make all your kitchen tasks that much easier and more enjoyable.  

In conclusion 

As you can see, improving and updating your kitchen knives collection is crucial – in many ways much more so than getting a new type of kitchen cookware or anything similar. The difference between having one or two dull “every day” knives we use for everything and having a good set of chef-quality kitchen knives is like night and day. With the right set of kitchen knives hanging over your counter you can make sure that all your cooking endeavors go twice as quickly, are much more enjoyable and satisfying to do, and are even safer.