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TOP 10 Best Kitchen Scales 2024

Trying to bake or cook a new and interesting recipe is always fun but it can be a bit challenging to follow it to the letter without the right measuring tools. Pretty much the same goes when trying to follow a diet with precise portions.

The solution? Get a good kitchen scale for your home.

The best kitchen scales on the market are perfectly designed to precisely measure even the smallest portion. Whether you want to cook something or weigh your lunch, a good kitchen scale can completely revolutionize both.

What makes a good kitchen scale, however? We’ll list their main benefits below to help you make the right pick. Naturally, different models will have their own individual pros and cons but the 10 points below are pretty much universal for any good kitchen scale.

The 10 benefits of kitchen scales

The difference between good and poor kitchen scales is truly huge. Sub-par scales typically last just a year or two (sometimes even just months) and tend to offer incorrect measurements from the get-go. On the other hand, high-quality kitchen scales can last decades with the right care and maintenance, and they are sure to offer you precise measurements every time you use them. So, what are the main benefits that distinguish the best kitchen scales from their lower-quality counterparts?

Start following the more complex recipes to a tee

Cooking is fun but what do you do when you have to add a precise measurement of something? If you’re tired of your meals never testing exactly like they are supposed to, a nice kitchen scale can solve this problem by helping you always follow the recipe to the letter.

Follow a diet with more precise portion sizes

The other huge benefit of kitchen scales is that they allow you to also measure your portions. This is very useful when you’re diet and you’re trying to eat only as much as you should but you always tend to put that little bit extra on your plate. With a good kitchen scale you can put an end to that unhealthy practice and truly kick-start your diet.

Calculate your calorie intake

Similarly, kitchen scales are very useful if you want to manage your precise calorie intake. Just check what the average calorie count is for the food in front of you and measure the precise portion to guarantee you’re not getting any more calories than you’re supposed to.

Become more mindful of your eating habits

The previous two points have the awesome added benefit of making us more mindful of how much we eat. If you’re worried that going out or visiting the family will give you an opportunity to overeat and ruin your diet, don’t worry – once you get used to using your scales, you’ll become much more mindful of your meals’ size.

Master the complicated art of baking

Baking is more than just cooking – everything who’s tried both knows this to be true. Baking is infinitely more complicated and requires even more prcise measurements. While a meal will just taste different if you haven’t been following the recipe to the letter, baking can be completely ruined if you try to eye-measure your ingredients.

Kitchen scales are extremely easy to use

Another thing to love about good kitchen scales is just how easy they are to use. All you have to do is turn them on, put whatever cup or ingredients you want on them, and that’s it! Most kitchen scales have just one or two buttons and a very short list of instructions that explains everything in a matter of seconds.

Even the best kitchen scales are very affordable

It’s also worth noting that even the best kitchen scales aren’t really all that expensive. At the end of the day, electronic kitchen scales are made with a fairly simple technology from today’s point of view so – unless you’re buying a more complex kitchen appliance with a ton of extra features – kitchen scales really don’t cost that much.

Kitchen scales don’t really take up much space

Getting new kitchen appliances always comes with the risk of overcrowding your kitchen – there are just so many things to get and so little kitchen space. That’s not a problem with kitchen scales, however, as they are usually very compact. All you need to do to store them is put them upright next to a cabinet’s wall and kitchen scales take as much space as a thin recipe book.

Kitchen scales are lightweight and portable

Going off from the last point, another major positive of kitchen scales is that they are very lightweight and portable. So, if you’re going to a family dinner and you want to help with the preparations, getting your scales with you is exceptionally easy. The same goes if you want to take them with you so that you can measure your meals while you’re there.

The best kitchen scales are very easy to clean

Last but not least, what we love about the best kitchen scale models is how easy they are to clean. With smooth and waterproof surfaces, all you need to do to clean the best kitchen scales is to just wipe them off with a wet dishcloth.

In conclusion

All in all, good kitchen scales are a very simple, effective, and easy tool to use. They can make your cooking and baking much easier and your eating habits – much healthier. Quality is important if you want your scales to be as precise as possible and to last you years and even decades, so going for the best kitchen scales on the market is definitely worth it. Buying poor quality scales instead will usually mean having to replace them in a couple of years and/or suffering incorrect measurements in the meantime.