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TOP 10 Best Microwave Ovens 2023

You can use microwave ovens for reheating, grilling, and in some cases, even baking. You can cook a vast array of recipes with the help of these cooking appliances.

These can allow you to make popcorn, kebabs, muffins, chicken grills, pizza and reheat your frozen food. And the best part is you can conveniently cook without wasting any time or energy. They can vary in terms of capacity and size, while grill-type microwave ovens allow you to bake too.

But there are some important points you need to keep in mind when buying these appliances. Let’s find out what features you need to consider when looking for the best microwave oven.

There are different types of microwave ovens you can find on the market:

Solo microwaves

These models are basic and suitable for entry-level use. They are best suited for reheating and simple cooking.

Grill microwaves

These microwave ovens are equipped with some add-ons and accessories. You can also use them for grilling vegetables and meat.

Convection microwaves

These are the best ones on the market and come with a heating element and a fan for creating airflow. You can use these ovens for baking and grilling.

Microwave technology and safety features

Microwaves are electromagnetic radiations. The wavelength ranges from one millimeter to one meter, and these waves are created with Magnetron inside the electron tube present in the oven.

These waves are released inside the oven compartment when you turn the unit on. The water particles inside the food items start to vibrate and produce heat. Therefore, you cannot cook dry food items inside this oven.

Make sure you don’t place metal substances inside the microwave. You must use only microwave-safe utensils made of plastic inside these ovens. Also, make sure the glass utensils you are also using a microwave safe. You need to use microwave oven gloves when using a convection unit.

Here’s everything you need to know when looking for the best microwave oven:

Oven capacity

These units’ capacity is measured in liters, and it will tell you about how much food you can cook at a time. You need to pick the right capacity based on your family size and how you will use this microwave oven.

A family size of 2 to 4 people would need a solo microwave oven that comes with a capacity of 15 to 20 liters. But for a grill or convection unit, 21 to 30 liters of oven capacity would be suitable.

If you are a 4 to 6 family member, a 25 to 30-liter solo microwave oven will work for you. In the case of a grill or convection unit, you will need a capacity of anything above 32 liters.

Power consumption

You can go for a unit based on the power consumption as well. The units that come with high voltage generally are more power-efficient. If you use your microwave oven for cooking heavy food items or a large unit for the bigger family, you will have to go for a higher voltage. It is also called the Power Level of a microwave oven.


These features will defrost frozen food. For instance, if you want to heat your curry from a couple of days back, you can use this feature conveniently.


Before you begin with your cooking process, your oven needs to reach a certain temperature. You will have to turn it on for some time to make sure it is hot enough. This is what preheating is, and you will have to look for the time needed to preheat your oven before cooking your recipe. When buying, have a close look at this feature.

Preset Modes

There are various preset modes you can find on different models. With these preset modes, you can conveniently cook a variety of recipes. You are just a push away to get the cooking process on its way.


This timer will allow you to configure your cooking duration. You can easily specify how long the unit will operate. You can control the timer with either an LCD touch or a knob-based on the control panel of your model.


Different microwave ovens come with different panels. You can find tact dial types, mechanical knobs, or touch screens. They all are convenient to use. The traditional models feature dials and knobs, while the modern ones that come with touchscreen in-betweeners are the ones that will have buttons on them.

Auto cook features

Some of the microwave ovens come with auto cooking features that simplify the entire process significantly. You won’t need to set a cooking time with this feature, and you even don’t need to set the power configuration either. Just specify the dish type and get ready for some devouring.

Additional accessories

Some microwave ovens come with different accessories. You can add gloves, different cookware, bowls, utensils, stands, vessels, and so much more. You can even purchase them separately. Some models also come with their cover, in case you don’t use the unit often.


Microwave ovens come with a variety of features. You can use them to create different types of recipes. You have to make sure the right kind of design and capacity meet your needs in accordance with your family size. It will allow you to get the most out of your purchase.

Some models even feature inbuilt recipes, and these units are relatively versatile to meet different cooking needs. These small-sized units can be very handy because you only have to press a few buttons, and voila.
Get ready to tickle your taste buds with some delicious tasting foods.