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TOP 10 Best-On Ear Headphones 2023

Almost everything we do on computers or other devices requires a good set of headphones – work, music, games, movies, and the dreaded Zoom meetings, we just can’t get out of having headphones with us at all times. But finding the right fit can feel impossible sometimes and having to switch to different earbuds every 6 months is incredibly frustrating and just a waste of money and plastic.

That’s why it’s important to consider getting a good on-ear headphones set as soon as possible. Much better than the standard earbuds in almost every conceivable way, on-ear models are becoming more and more popular these days. Much more durable and long-lasting, they also offer better sound and are much safer too.

Let’s break down the many benefits of on-ear headphones below to make sure that we don’t miss anything. By the end of the article, you’ll be thoroughly convinced just why on-ear headphones are the best choice to make if you’re looking for a new set of headphones.

The 9 benefits of on-ear headphones

Most headphones today come in three major types – in-ear headphones, i.e. earbuds, over-ear headphones that are designed with large noise-canceling cushions that go all the way around our ears, and on-ear models that are the smaller brother of over-ear models. Instead of wrapping around our entire ears, on-ear headphones just stay gently pressed on them and are not nearly as intrusive or cumbersome as their alternatives.

But what are the main advantages of on-ear headphones you should keep in mind before you make your purchase?

1. Get a much better sound than any earbud can offer

Some earbud models can offer Ok sound but none can rival the sound of a good on-ear or over-ear headphones model. The difference is just not comparable. If you only need your headphones for the occasional Zoom meeting that may not be too big of a deal but if you intend to use your headphones for almost anything else, be it music, movies, games, or more, the better sound of an on-ear model will make a huge difference.

2. Keep your hearing safe

Whatever you listen on, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t crank up the volume too much so that you don’t damage your hearing. However, another crucial point that a lot of people miss is that earbuds are harmful to our hearing even if we keep the volume in the mid ranges. Their sub-par sound couple with the fact that they are stuck inside our ears just makes them a riskier alternative to on-ear and over-ear models.

3. A noninvasive design that doesn’t feel uncomfortable

Even if we ignore the health risks of earbuds, it’s just uncomfortable to have to stick something inside your ears. Yes, most people get used to it after a while but why bother getting used to something unpleasant when there are pleasant alternatives instead?

4. Never lose or drop your headphones again

Wireless headphones are incredibly convenient and that goes for wireless earbuds as well. But one major problem of wireless in-ear models is that losing one or both of the small earbuds is just incredibly likely. With on-ear models, however, it’s basically impossible to lose one part of the headphones. You may lose the whole set, of course, but even that’s much less likely given their size.

5. Made to stay on your head instead of falling down every other minute

Another annoying part about using in-ear headphones is that they just keep falling the moment you move your head a bit to the side. Different earbud designs are trying to combat this and some people manage to find a good and stable fit. However, for most of us, earbuds are just too unstable. A good on-ear headphones set, on the other hand, is much less likely to fall accidentally.

6. Not quite as unmanageably big as over-ear headphones

The bigger noise-canceling brothers of on-ear headphones have their advantages but they are also just too large and cumbersome compared to on-ear models. That may be fine if you’re just sitting on a desk at home but if you want to move around, these extra-large headphones can just be too uncomfortable to wear. With on-ear models, on the other hand, that’s almost never the case.

7. Your ears won’t sweat nearly as much as with over-ear designs

Yet another major drawback that turns a lot of people off of over-ear models is that they are very likely to make you sweat if you wear them for long enough. That’s just a side effect of wearing extra-large cushions over your ears for too long. With on-ear models, on the other hand, that’s almost never the case.

8. Forget about having to replace your headphones all the time

One of the biggest benefits of on-ear and over-ear models over simple earbuds is that they are just much more durable and long-lasting. Even decent earbud models simply don’t last too long while a large headset can easily last you for decades as long as it’s of a high enough quality and you take good care of it.

9. Wireless models have a much longer battery life

To go back to wireless headphones for a bit, wireless on-ear models have another huge advantage over wireless earbuds – battery life. While a standard wireless earbud will only last a few hours before it needs to be recharged, an average on-ear model can go on for 25 hours or more! This is a major difference as you’ll often have to recharge one every day (or even twice a day) while the other can last for multiple days depending on your use.

In conclusion

Different people will always have different preferences when it comes to headphones but there’s no denying that on-ear headphones are much more than just a middle-of-the-road design between earbuds and over-ears. Instead, on-ear headphones are incredibly popular for a reason – they are just that awesome. Offering fantastic sound, great comfort, and having almost none of the drawbacks of the other two types of headphones, on-ear models are here to stay.