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TOP 10 Best Pc Monitors 2023

More and more of us work on laptops, tablets, and even phones these days. The portable and lightweight design of these devices has many benefits but it leaves out one crucial drawback – the monitor’s size. The smaller and smaller screens we use are horrible for our eyesight, they often ruin our posture even further, and they are just not fun to look at. And while they are benefits to our productivity of having a small and portable screen, large monitors can boost our work effectiveness even more.

This is exactly why getting a large PC monitor is something that we shouldn’t skip on. With the right monitor for your home and office, you can drastically revolutionize both your work and leisure time. Even more importantly, you can also fix a lot of health issues!

We’ll go over the many major benefits the best PC monitors on the market can bring to your home or office below. Even if you think you’re not due for an upgrade yet, we’re certain that some of the key points below will change your mind. 

The 7 benefits of PC monitors 

The basic function of a PC monitor is pretty simple and straightforward, there’s not much we need to explain about that. However, what needs to be accented is just how different the best modern PC monitors are compared to what many of us were used to years ago. So, if you’ve been sticking to your laptop cause you think its monitor is not worse than (what you remember of) a PC monitor, read on. 

1. Watch your content in a completely different way

Whatever you’re doing on your computer or laptop, it’s always just better on a larger screen. Whether you’re watching movies, working, or playing video games, the larger the screen is, the better everything looks and feels. 

2. Fix your neck pain with a good monitor 

One of the biggest hidden disadvantages of working on a laptop is that it makes good posture virtually impossible. Any guide for good posture will tell you that what you’re looking at needs to be at your eye level while you’re in an upright sitting position while the keyboard has to beat your elbows’ level. There is no way to accomplish that on a laptop unless you’re using a portable keyboard or a PC monitor. With either of the two, you can achieve an adequate posture but below we’ll go over why getting a PC monitor is even better. 

3. Protect your eyes with the right monitor 

Watching and reading things on a small monitor that’s close to your face is disastrous for your eyesight yet we all continue to do that. With a good PC monitor, however, you can keep things at a sufficient length and on a larger scale. What’s more, the best modern PC monitors come with much more eye protection than a standard laptop, tablet, or phone. All this is crucial if you have to sit on your device to work for 8-12 hours a day every day. 

4. Make video games much more fun 

Gaming is fun on pretty much any device, that’s why mobile games are getting more and more popular every year. However, nothing beats gaming on a large and specialized PC monitor. The size, the resolution, the video quality and vivid colors, and the various additional features such as curved designs or split screening – all these make gaming infinitely more enjoyable than it is on a smaller screen. 

5. Work more efficiently than ever before

Gaming and watching movies are not the only activities that can benefit from using a larger PC screen. Your work, almost irrespective of what exactly it is, can also be vastly improved with the right PC screen. The size alone is an immense improvement as it means less scrolling, easier formatting,  viewing more things at the same time and so much more. It sounds silly to say that you’ll save much more time on a larger screen by having to scroll less but, as hilarious as it is, it’s also true. 

6. Split screening is awesome 

Split screening is one of the best features of having a large and high-quality PC monitor. So much of what we do on our devices nowadays requires multiple opened windows, whether it’s comparing charts and files while working, watching podcasts while gaming, or studying on zoom. When your monitor is large enough to support split screening or even just multiple open windows, the amount of things we can do on it literally doubles. 

7. Save space and money on having to use multiple monitors 

One common way for many people to view multiple things while they work or rest is to use multiple screens. Do something on your laptop, while watching something on your tablet, and browsing social media on your phone – we’ve all been there. Doing all this is a lot of hassle, however, not to mention that we tend to waste unnecessarily too much money on extra devices that also take too much space. 

Setting up one large PC monitor, however, can save us all that trouble while allowing us to do all of those on the same screen.  

In conclusion 

PC monitors are here to stay and they are getting better and better every year. Regardless of what you’re using at home – a PC, laptop, or anything else, having a large and high-quality PC monitor to go with it is a must. Perfect for your eyes, neck, work, as well as just the overall experience, the best PC monitors can change everything we do on a computer in and of themselves.