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TOP 10 Best Printers 2024

Whether you deal with basic document printing or professional-grade photo printing, you need a printer you can rely upon. We are here to ensure you acquire the best printer for your daily needs.

Most people store their documents and photos in laptop drives and the cloud in this era and time. However, there is still a want for printing these photos and documents for physical referencing especially during meetings. Given the huge range of options, knowing how to choose the best printer isn’t always the easiest thing.

Printers have become less expensive with amazing features that can help you get the best quality printed documents and pictures. We have put together important factors to guide you when purchasing a printer.

When Is It Necessary to Have a Printer?

Working from home is now a usual and ordinary thing. You would need a printer to copy, print and scan your work documents. Students require printers for assignments and homework.

 Having an at-home printer will lessen the need to pay for each copy and going to specific locations. Photography enthusiasts and anyone who needs to print something in tangible paper format also need printers. Consider whether you will only need to print or copy and scan as well. 

Regular Printer

These printers mainly use ink and are suitable for low volume production. They mostly serve one purpose which is to print.

All-In-One Printers

These, depending on their configuration, are equipped with coping functions, scanners, printers, sometimes fax and other functions.

Printer Types

Printers are available in different types and they all function differently. Here are the types available on the market:

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are popularly used in homes for printing documents. To create images on paper, they spray hundreds of minute ink droplets, mimicking the electron cathode-ray tube technology behind TV and computer image displays. The ink cartridges of inkjet printers are normally available in yellow, magenta, and cyan and the three are mixed to form any color you want.

The technique used in inkjet printers is simpler than for laser printers, although it can easily lead to smudging. Inkjet printers are mostly suitable for people who need low volumes of output. The advantage of inkjet over laser is that it can print on a variety of paper types.

Laser Printers

Laser printers on the other hand use tone. This is a powder melted on the paper to form permanent images. Laser printers operate faster than inkjets and produce fade-resistant documents. Typically, they function by pointing laser beams at a rotating photo-sensitive receptacle to glint the page’s image.

Laser printers are appropriate for office use and people with high output needs of white and black documents. They are relatively faster than inkjet printers and produce better quality documents.

Multifunctional Printers

These can be either laser printers or inkjet printers but they must be equipped with copying and scanning capabilities alongside some other features like fax. 

Photo Printers

These are one-duty printers that are generally made for printing photos or graphic pictures only. They provide high-quality resolution and quality images but usually are not suitable for any other kind of printing. Some of them are available in very small sizes that print small-sized images.

What to consider before buying a printer?

It would be disastrous if you went into a store and randomly bought a printer without considering the following factors.

Maintenance Cost

It is important to buy a good printer for a low price and consider how much you will spend in the long term. You must consider other factors such as disposables like ink, cartridges etc. Have facts on how much you will need to refill the ink tank and how frequent it will be. 

Additionally, check that the price for spare parts is fair in case some parts break or get worn out. In general, consider its life length and other factors that may increase the overall profitability/usability of the printer. 


Some printers have wireless printing feature that generally connect via wi-fi to your devices and prints anything you need. Additionally, some printers support wireless connectivity while allowing to connect via cables as well. 

Others use USB/wire to connect the printer to the device and you can use the USB to connect the printer to the local ethernet network.

Most fully featured printers, specifically AIOs, now offer internet-based features. These features provide access to photos stored on the internet.

Alternatively, some printers support printing directly from an SD card.

Printing Tools

Printers are available in two types:

  • Black and white (monochrome printers) – the most basic printer, cheap and generally delivers only the black and white copies of anything. They can dose the color in order to create gray shades and color transitions, making the printed material better in quality. 

  • Color printers – they have multiple color inputs and can print colorful images. The biggest problem with color printers in general is the requirement to always have all of the colors in the printer as otherwise it simply may not print at all.

Output Quality

Some printers will give better service when dealing with texts, while some will do good when producing bright and detailed graphics. 

Laser printers give sharper and precise details than inkjets, especially when drawing thin lines or small letters. However, when printing photos, inkjets are better because the ink bleeding feature will create excellent tones that are rich. 

Printer size and Footprint

It is important to consider the size and footprint of a printer especially if there is limited space. In most cases, smaller printers are best for homes while larger ones for offices. Perhaps, this is why inkjet printers are preferred for home use as opposed to Laser printers.

Generally, inkjet printers are smaller than laser printers and less bulky. A home does not require a bulky printer, particularly if it is a small apartment.


Several specifications generally evaluate printers. These specifications are basically standardized sets of tests developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

  • PPM (pages per minute)

  • DPI (dots per inch)

Duplex Printing

This is a printing feature that allows you to print on both sides of a paper. It is done by either automatically turning the pages while the machine is printing or manually turning the page when one side is completed. This is virtually a must-have on printers as it helps to save paper, therefore, printing costs in the long term.

Ease of Use

You should purchase a printer that you can easily operate without using a manual. A printer with a touchscreen is easier to use because everything is displayed on its screen. Some printers, especially the cheaper ones have 1–2-line liquid crystal display that gives limited information thereby hard to use.

Additionally, confirm that the printer you want has a USB cable even if you plan to use the wireless option. Some models require a cable for connectivity to the WIFI for the first time. The USB cable will also help in case the WIFI network suddenly weakens. 

Printer Interface

Most printers come with a visual display to show basic information about printing, copying, or scanning. Some even have a touchscreen feature that makes the operation easier and faster. When buying a printer, ensure you confirm that this aspect is available because it will make your experience better.

If you consider all the guidelines listed above, you certainly will acquire the best printer on the market suited for your needs.