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TOP 10 Best Projectors 2023

In this era of portable cell phones and modernistic televisions, we might have left behind some treasured old-school inventions. Projectors being one of them. Very few people tend to own a projector nowadays, which is pretty unfortunate given all the advantages of having one. In this article, we’ve talked in detail about the said advantages and have also come up with a list of product options for you to consider.

6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Projector

There are so many reasons as to why having a projector at home can be a good idea. Its versatility makes a key feature of the device along with other fun uses. Here are 6 reasons that might convince you into getting a projector.

No more eye strain!

If you’re in the habit of binge-watching movies, you’re probably jeopardizing your eyes more than you realize. The smaller the screen, the more damaging it gets.

Getting a projector reduces the strain on your eyes. If you’ve ever taken one of those eye tests at the doctor’s, you know that reading the top line of the bigger letters is far easier than the smaller ones.

This is why looking at the large image of a projector is easier and takes less effort, making it more comfortable for long hours of watching movies/shows.

Another advantage of viewing a projected image is that it is less damaging than the emitted image you see from a television.

Hence, you can enjoy hours of watching your favorite shows and movies without worrying about your eyes.

Store it away when you don’t need it

Projectors are usually size-efficient. The largest of them being the size of a large book at most. This means you don’t have to commit a lot of space to them as you do with a television.

You can simply place it on a shelf near your supposed screen, or even pack it away when you don’t need it. A lot of people even prefer installing their projectors onto the ceiling so they can make full use of them. And it doesn’t even look bad since they’re usually unnoticeable.

Some devices are even small enough to be stored in your pocket. So the size is a major plus point that comes with projectors.

Have your own home theatre on a budget

Who doesn’t want their own home theatre? Probably no one. But can everyone afford to have one? Also, no.

Enter the projector. It allows you to have your very own home theatre experience within your budget. Since instead of spending thousands of Dirhams on a large TV screen, you can spend a fraction of that price and get a projector instead.

It gives you the same satisfaction of getting to watch things on a big screen. However, you won’t have to feel guilty later for spending so much money on something you might not be using as often.

So to fuel your temporary passion to have a theatre at home, a projector is your best bet.

Choose your own screen

One other super cool feature about projectors is that it gives you so much flexibility with the size and type of screen.

You can always spend a few extra Dirhams and get one of those panel screens. The good thing is you can do without one too! You can simply use a wall that’s painted white, or you can use a white sheet as your screen as well.

Not only that, but you can also customize the size of your screen. Most projectors give you the option to change the display size or instead, you can do so by changing the placement of your projector.

Unlike a TV that works with fixed screen size and placement, a projector gives you the option to change up the settings whenever you want.

Add a fun element to your parties!

Projectors are an easy way to add some multimedia fun to your events. You can display images of the guests on the screen, or even use it to host an outdoor movie night in your garden.

For birthdays or other special occasions, you can record messages for the person/people and then display them on the projector as a heartfelt moment for the guests. Make ‘em shed a few tears even!

Using a projector, you can easily turn ordinary parties into special ones if you’re creative enough.

Put it to good use

The use of projectors isn’t limited to entertainment only. You can even use it for educational purposes or to display your ideas during work presentations.

Adding multimedia to any presentation helps deliver your message more clearly, and it even helps engage your audience and prevents them from zoning out completely.

If you have kids, a projector could be a great way to incorporate fun learning into their routines. You can display life-size videos on the alphabet, nursery rhymes, and even educational ones on a big screen to help them learn in a fun way.

And unlike with a phone, you have more control over what they’re watching.


Given all the advantages that come with having a projector, it makes sense to invest in one. You can create a home-theatre experience within your budget. Play around with the settings however you like, and even use it for educational or work purposes where it’s suitable.