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TOP 10 Best Steam Cleaners 2023

Steam cleaners are highly effective for home cleaning and take on stubborn stains. You can easily use them on a variety of floors.

You won’t have to worry about the cleaning results because they are way better than the other alternatives. Moreover, it’s a much healthier and greener way of cleaning. You won’t have to deal with any chemicals or detergents.

So, why not try them if you haven’t? If you are suffering from any allergies, these cleaners are great for you. To make your buying decision a bit easier, we have developed a buying guide for you, so read on!

These steam cleaners lift dirt and dust mites while the heat kills all the germs. So, it manages to kill everything that you don’t even see. If you are extra cautious about a clean home, you need to bring in a steam cleaner for sure.

You can use these cleaners while standing and won’t have to bend your back either. Plus, no scrubbing either. The steam these cleaners blow works like a charm. So, which steam cleaner should you go for?

Types of steam cleaners

There are four different steam cleaners: handheld, steam mops, cylinder steam cleaners, and vapor steam cleaners. Let’s see which one of these have what to offer.

Handheld steam cleaners – portability at its best

These handheld units are pretty small in size, and you can easily carry them from one place to another. And as they are small in size, therefore, they are affordable too. But you will find them pretty useless when it comes to cleaning wide spaces and larger areas.

These units are great for smaller cleaning jobs. They can handle cracks and crevices and tight corners pretty well plus, maneuverability is at its best. But as compared to burger steam cleaners, these models are pretty small.

Steam mops – the vacuum-like things

Using these mops is pretty straightforward and simple because you are already used to working with vacuums. But the best part is, these units are pretty eco-friendly and highly user-friendly. When it comes to sanitizing and cleaning floors, these work pretty well.

These cleaners are pretty sleek, so they don’t take up much space for storage. If you are looking to kill bacteria and germs, then these units are highly effective. And you will never have to use any chemicals or detergents.

But you are going to have a pretty tough time cleaning your counters and those tough-to-reach spots. You might also have to need to go for an additional attachment to use on the carpet. You will have to refill the steam cleaner pretty frequently if you are working on a larger area.

Cylinder steam cleaner – all about versatility

If you are looking for versatility, then consider going for a cylinder steam cleaner. You can conveniently use it to clean a range of different areas with ease. It also comes with a large tank, and you won’t have to deal with any chemicals or detergents.

It can kill germs with heat as well as bacteria. There are various types of attachments available for a variety of cleaning jobs.

But this machine is a bit expensive. With a larger size, it is a bit harder to store. If you are looking for mobility, this machine is not going to be the best choice.

Vapor steam cleaner – the power of dry clean

It has several features closely resembling the cylinder steam cleaners. How is this different from the cylinder units? Well, these units essentially work on the dry-cleaning aspect. It uses hot steam for cleaning and doesn’t leave any dampness behind.

This machine is pretty versatile, and you can use it for a variety of cleaning jobs. You won’t have to deal with any dampness after he cleans. You won’t have to deal with any harsh chemicals. It can clean bacteria and germs pretty fast. Moreover, a huge range of cleaning accessories and crevice attachments are available.

But these units are the most expensive steam cleaners available on the market. These are also huge, so storage is always going to be an issue. And due to their larger size, some of you might find it challenging to use.

Things to Consider Before Buying

How versatile is your cleaner?

For judging a unit based on versatility, you need to consider the different accessories and attachments with which a model comes. With more attachments and accessories, you can handle a variety of jobs pretty well.

How much does it weigh?

Weight and size are going to be huge factors, how are you going to use your cleaner. Look for a smaller unit if you will be using your cleaning more for smaller cleaning jobs.

Choose a larger one for larger jobs. You can also go for versatility and choose from different attachments and accessories, but these units are expensive. So, the decision is yours.

Cleaning Surface

Not all the cleaners are all-rounders. Some machines are good for floors while others are decent for carpets. Look out for the cleaning surface recommendations mentioned on the product before you buy.

Tank size

You also need to consider the tank size of your cleaner. As long as the tank is full, your unit will continue producing steam, just like your iron. So, if you have large rooms, you have to go for a larger tank.

Noise level

You have to keep in mind that the unit you are considering buying needs to be a quiet unit. If it makes too much of a racket, you shouldn’t buy it in the first place.


Steam cleaners are highly versatile pieces of equipment. No matter what your cleaning job is, you will have a cleaner right for you.

But make sure you go for larger units only if you have larger jobs to handle. Because it is not wise to pay so much for a unit and not even see its full potential.