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TOP 10 Best Telescopes 2024

Getting a new high-tech toy often feels tricky. We find ourselves wondering whether we’ll really use it or just leave it in the closet, whether it’s useful enough or it’s a waste of time, and so on. And for many tools and toys, those are valid questions.

One of the most surprisingly useful things to get, however, is a telescope. Especially when it comes to gifts for children and young adults, giving them a telescope is one of the best ways to open their minds, give them a great hobby, and push them on the right path in a natural and unobtrusive way. If you don’t believe us, below we’ll go over the 7 biggest benefits of telescopes.  

There are many different types of telescopes out there, each with different capabilities and features. We don’t know which you’d prefer, however, whatever type of telescope you get – as long as it’s of high quality – it’s sure to change your life in a few very major ways. With a tool as potent and fascinating as a telescope, any child or adult can drastically change the way we view the universe, the perspectives on life we hold, and the things we choose to do going forward. 

The 7 benefits of telescopes 

1. It’s a fascinating and unique hobby

Are you looking for a new hobby? Something that’s not as cliched and boring as collecting postal stamps and baseball cards? Amateur astronomy is one of the most unique and beautiful hobbies in the world. It allows us to explore the entire universe from the comfort of our own home with nothing but a simple telescope in our hands. 

2. Astronomy can open up a person’s mind 

Few items we have today can give us the sense of awe we can get with a telescope. Yes, you can look at a picture of a galaxy or a nebula on your phone or computer but that doesn’t compare in any way with the awesome sensation of observing it live with your own eyes. The ability to literally look at the universe all around you, to “browse” through it, and to point your telescope from one star to the next is unparalleled in the perspective it gives us. 

This is especially so for children. There is no better way to get a child excited about science than to help it experience the wonders of the universe first-hand.  

3. Using a telescope allows you to experience the joy of discovery 

Our minds are made to wonder and to seek answers. There aren’t many sensations a person can experience that are richer and more fulfilling than that of making a new discovery. To find something you didn’t know before, to see something for the first time. Maybe to see something no one else (or almost no one else) has ever seen before. 

That’s exactly what telescopes allow us to do. Yes, you can just google new information but that’s not discovery – you’re just reading and watching something someone else prepped for you. With a telescope, you can discover entire worlds yourself. Yes, most of the night sky has already been mapped out by professional astronomers so the chances to find something for the first time are slim. However, there’s still the joy of finding something for yourself, of spotting your first star cluster, looking it up in a star chart, learning its name and place, learning how to find it again with ease. These joys of discovery are largely lost in the “era of information” we live in today but they can be experienced easily with a telescope.  

Besides, it’s actually not uncommon for amateur astronomers to discover new things for the first time – it happens all the time! 

4. Telescopes help us become much better problem-solvers 

One of the best things we can do for ourselves or for our children is to help raise our and their intelligence – our problem-solving capabilities, our way of thinking. Telescopes and astronomy are one of the best ways to do that. Just like doing math equations or solving logical texts, mapping out or looking up stars is a great exercise for our brains. The difference is that astronomy is much more fun than the dry monotony of just doing math all afternoon.  

5. Get to observe some of the most phenomenal sights in the universe  

Aside from gazing at the surface of the moon or a nearby planet, a telescope can help you witness some even more fascinating sights. Distant star clusters, comets flying through the solar system, meteor showers, enchanting nebulae, and much more, all of which aren’t nearly impressive on any picture you can find on your computer.  

6. Having a telescope is a great excuse for getting out of the house 

Want to go hiking or camping more often but you need an additional reason to do so? Getting into astronomy is one of the best excuses as the night sky in the wilderness is infinitely more beautiful than the night sky in the city. 

7. Telescopes are actually great for meeting people 

We’re used to thinking of amateur astronomy as a lonely hobby – something you can only do by yourself. However, it’s actually an incredibly fun community experience – it’s fun to do with your family or your friends, from your backyard, while hiking in the mountains, or from your local observatory. 

It’s even a great way for meeting up with new people. Believe it or not, there are sure to be quite a few fellow amateur astronomers near you – smart, fascinating, and fun people who can share your fascination with the stars and become your new best friends in an instant. That’s definitely a much better way to meet people than diving into a nearby bar.  

In conclusion 

Telescopes are one of the most unique gifts you can give yourself or someone else. Just like eyes are said to be the window to the soul, a telescope is quite literally a window to the rest of the universe. With a truly good telescope, you can transform any of the millions of small dots on the night sky into huge, vibrant, and living words – worlds you can explore, map out, and share with others. Thanks to some of the best telescopes available today, even an amateur astronomer can observe more about the universe we live in than any other person could in human history.