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TOP 10 Best Toasters 2023

Cooking is a time-consuming and often exhausting process which is why it’s great when you can make something warm quickly. A lot of the ways to do that really don’t produce the most delicious result, however, not to mention that instant noodles or microwaving yesterday’s dinner just isn’t fun. After all, the fact that you want a quick breakfast doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t also taste good.

That’s where one of the older and classic electric kitchen appliances comes in – toasters. There were times when almost every household had a toaster and there are many great reasons to get such an appliance today. Easy to deal with, quick, compact, and producing incredibly delicious sandwiches, toasters are a great way to put a breakfast together that will have your entire family mmm-ing in no time.

Let’s first break toasters’ benefits down a bit more thoroughly and figure out why they still have a place in our kitchens even with all the cookware competition that’s been popping up in recent years.

The 8 benefits of toasters

Toasters are not as popular as they were a couple of decades ago but that’s not because they are not good at what they do. Instead, there are several reasons why toasters have lost some of their popularity:

  • Many additional quick-cooking appliances have hit the market, giving people even more ways to prep a quick breakfast.
  • With the anti-gluten movement of a few years ago, a lot of people swore of bread even though there are many types of bread that are perfectly healthy to eat.
  • Fast-food joints are more numerous than ever and most people who love bread and pastries have gotten used to eating out.

None of these makes toasters any less awesome than they used to be, however. In fact, there are many new types of toasters today, boasting some fantastic features you can add to your kitchen. There are also various types of toasters – from the traditional tin toasters to the more modern flat toasters and even toaster ovens.

So, what are the main benefits toasters add to our kitchens and why should you consider getting a new toaster even if you’ve gotten used to not having one at home?

1. Making breakfast doesn’t need to be a chore  

Toasters are the perfect breakfast-making tool – all you need to do is pop a couple of slices in, turn in on, and by the time you get out of the bathroom and your coffee’s ready you’ll also have two delicious toasted bread slices ready to be coupled with anything in your fridge.

2. Cleaning a toaster is very simple and easy

Why bother washing a pan when all you need to do is tap the toaster over the sink so that the breadcrumbs can fall off it? And, if you get a toaster with a tray, cleaning it becomes even easier. No need to wash anything, no need to brush for 5 whole minutes – at most you’ll have to wipe the toaster off from time to time and that’s it.

3. Toasters use much less energy than an oven

There are other ways to toast bread, sure, just like there are other ways to prep a quick and warm breakfast. However, toasters are the most energy-efficient electrical appliance you can get in your kitchen. This is especially awesome for larger families.

4. Get the delicious, crunchy toasts from your childhood

While many people today have gotten used to not having a toaster at home, most of us remember the old family toasters we used to have. Remember the tasty toasts they were able to make even after decades of use? There are newer models that can give you even more decades of tasty goodness now!

5. Don’t take too much space in your kitchen

Unlike a microwave, a toaster doesn’t really take too much space. It can easily and safely be placed on top of other appliances too, making it an even easier addition to your culinary arsenal.

6. Toasters are compact and portable

Going off on their size, toasters are also very easy to take with you when you travel. Almost wherever you go you can take advantage of a good toaster in your luggage, making your breakfasts there even more delicious. Toasters don’t really weigh anything and their insignificant energy consumption means that you can use them even just with your car’s lighter.

7. They are as affordable as they are effective

Furthermore, even the best toasters today don’t really cost much. Sure, a toaster oven will be more expensive than a regular vertical toaster but it’s still more affordable than most other modern cookware appliances. This makes toasters as great for people on a budget as they are for anyone looking for a quick and delicious breakfast.

8. Toasters today come with much more additional features than before

You may remember a simple tin appliance that roasts bread from both sides but modern toasters are often much more than that. Many toaster models come with temperature control, timers, and other features that make using toasters even more of a joy.

In conclusion

While the range of recipes toasters can be used for isn’t quite as vast as that of an oven or some other types of cookware, toasters have really proven over the years that they do have a place in our kitchens. Small, compact, energy-efficient, and incredibly practical, toasters bring a lot of benefits to the table. Yes, there are other options for a quick breakfast to consider as well which is why toasters are no longer a must-have in a kitchen but they are still a fantastic way to prep a delicious breakfast on the go.