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TOP 10 Best Weight Scales 2024

Keeping track of your weight is a great thing to do whether you’re dieting or not. The problem is that most weight scales on the market are pretty inaccurate and aren’t really useful. You’ve noticed how if you use a standard weight scale in different places in your home it shows different results, right?

The solution is simple – good weight scales. The fact that standard scales are inaccurate doesn’t mean that there are no longer any good bathroom weight scales being sold. There are lots of fantastic brands with various weight scale models that work beautifully, are very durable and long-lasting, and even have some interesting additional features.

Below, we’ll go over the benefits of getting one of the best weight scales on the market right now. By the end of the text, you’ll see just how important it is to no sleep on weight scales just because you’ve chanced upon a bad one before.

The 8 benefits of weight scales

Weight scales today come in lots of models and varieties. While each particular model will have its own set of specific features, pros, and cons, we thought we’d cover the eight benefits all the best weight scales tend to have.

Monitor the effectiveness of your diet and weight loss regime

Going on a diet or starting a new weight loss regime is always a good idea but it can be tricky to keep up with your progress. Especially if you’re in the higher weight classes, losing several kilograms can often be unnoticeable for the naked eye.

Weight scales help you keep track of how you’re doing, whether your dieting and exercise are effective enough, whether you need to change something, or even if you’re going too fast.

Get that extra bit of motivation you need

The psychological benefit of weight scales should not be underestimated. Most of the best ways to stay motivated while trying to lose weight include meticulously tracking your progress and enjoying the effectiveness of your efforts in real life. Just trying to lose weight without the positive reinforcement of observing your progress is often just not rewarding enough for a lot of people and they tend to give up soon after they started.

Get a heads up if you’ve started to gain weight

Alternatively, even if you’re not on a diet and actively trying to lose weight, getting up on the bathroom weight scales is a smart thing to do from time to time. Even if it’s just once every month or two, this could alert you if you’ve started gaining more weight than you might have anticipated. This way, you can use this warning to halt the problem before it’s gone out of control.

Weigh your luggage before traveling

Aside from keeping track of your own health, a weight scale can be used for measuring some other things such as your luggage before going to the airport. Most airlines today charge pretty steep prices for excess luggage even if you’re only a couple of hundred grams over their maximum. So, weighing your luggage and your handheld bag before leaving for the airport can save you quite a bit of money – often more than the weight scale itself costs!

You can weigh anything else you want

You can use a standard bathroom weight scale for virtually anything else too. Most of the best weight scales are precise and sensitive enough to offer accurate measurements even in the very low ranges which can make them effective in the kitchen too, at least for some tasks.

Benefit from a lot of Smart features

Many of the best weight scales today come with a lot of Smart features. Depending on the model, these can include complex apps that make it even easier to track your progress online. Some can even offer you additional information and can sync with other third-party devices and apps such as Apple Health and Google Fit to make it even easier for you to maintain your health.

A great weight scale can last decades

Another common misconception is that weight scales today don’t last more than a year or two before starting to give off inaccurate results. This may be true for some of the sub-par models you’ll find in your local store but quality brand weight scale models can last for years and even decades without giving you any problems or inaccurate results. Many brands even give quite long-lasting warranties to further guarantee their products’ quality.

Quite an affordable tool for your home

To make things even more tempting, even the best Smart weight scales today are quite affordable. A big reason for that is that the technology that makes them work really isn’t that new – everything from the weight scale itself to its app and Smart features is a pretty well-establish tech. What makes the best weight scales special is just the quality of their design. This helps keep the price down and allows you to take a very useful and long-lasting tool for a bargain.

In conclusion

Stepping on a bathroom weight scale can be a big step for a lot of us – literally. However, the advantages of using this tool regularly are undeniable. It’s great for monitoring our health, the progress of our dieting and exercise, for motivation, as well as for a lot of other uses around the house.

Quality is crucial when shopping for a weight scale, however, as a lot of sub-par models can be outright worthless – they tend to offer wrong results from the get-go and they start getting progressively worse just several months after getting them from the store.

That’s why when we talk about the benefits of weight scales we are exclusively talking about the best weight scales on the market – the ones that are accurate, convenient to use, durable, and long-lasting.